Monday, 19 January 2015

Are sex boosters really necessary?

Today, almost everywhere you u go to, there are constant sign post, jingles that greet you with drugs, drinks, herbs and whatnots, all advertising the best way to "perform" in bed. Hmm, nawaoo.

While strolling home yesterday, i was abruptly cornered by this aboki guy who was trying his best to convince me to purchase a sex-booster for my "oga" so that he'll satisfy me well. Despite me telling him that i was "ogaless", he insisted I buy for my dad or even myself (does he want to kill my dad for me?)

These people try to convince us that some drugs can make a man go from "one round to a hundred", or go from "a one minute guy to a two hours guy". Chai, this aboki people no go kill us oo (na we girls una wan wound?)

There was this male friend of mine that recounted his experience to me. He was trying to impress a girl, which he did after taking one of these drugs.
Unfortunately it back-fired cos later in the night he woke up to a painful 'bulge' which lasted for hours, and no girl to help him out cos the satisfied girl had left for home. Since then, he flees at the sight of any sex-boosters. Looking at his face as he described his ordeal made me imagine what he went through that night. I really couldn't control my laughter. There are other people who have testified to the goodness of these drugs though.

So, some of us will like to know if these sex-boosters are really necessary, and if it has any health effects? Feel free to share your experiences and you are free to remain anonymous.
Biko, i don't want any man to try to impress me only to end up killing me for my parents (runs away).


  1. It's because of the ladies that these drugs were made in the first place(by guys ofcourse)...and the guys use these drugs to satisfy and impress them because of their ''COMPLAINING''...poor men.

  2. Poor men, abi poor ladies? (Still running away)

  3. ...l said 'Poor men' because, they(a lot of them) are not endowed with much,and you ladies expect a lot from them(and to prove that they are 'MEN',they are ready to do anything)...don't even let me mention penis enlargment o! it not all in the name of satisfying the ladies? i said,''poor men.''

  4. Hehehehee! Broz(I'm sure u are), but are we complaining? She who loves you, will love you the way you are! (Flying away)

  5. The one I know of is called "opa eyin"hahahah or alomo.


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