Saturday, 31 January 2015

Going back in time.

Watched some kids watching cartoon few days ago, and as i looked on, i had a mental flashback of myself as a child. The sand play, rain bath (awww, i miss that so much, wish i can still bath in the rain), cooking classes with peer (used tomato can as pot), the hide and seek game, and so much more, winks.

In a way, those games moulded us to being who we are now, and the lessons learned then remain inbedded in me till date. I loved watching cartoons and most times faked sickness so they i wont attend aunty Edy's lesson which happens to fall at the same time they air cartoons (Lolz). Power-rangers, superted, tales by moon-light and so many more brings a smile to my face just remembering them.

Now, i watch my younger ones watch cartoons that terrify me; Ben ten and superpowers, Avatar, etc. Seriously? Well, i guess this is their time cos the way they jump up and down makes me laugh.

I miss watching NTA and bidding time for Sundays by 6pm, dad made me watch newsline on Sundays to learn even though i hated it as at then. I miss my childhood. So lets chat; what programmes and what do you miss about your younger years? Come-on, lets take a ride down memory lane.


  1. I hated watching news as a kid too...It was like punishment especially when my aunt says you have to tell me what you heard in the news lol

    I remember "tales by moonlight"
    Voltron and how you need to wait till 4pm or so before TV opens lol with this rainbow lines playing music in background of TV stations.

    I remember playing police and thief, hide and seek...well I wasn't a ten ten fan...A Lot to remember about our childhood. yes I remember watching this soap as a kid even though I didn't understand it much then " Checkmate"

    @Pam the link you usually leave for us to click does not bring us directly takes us to different comments you have made on diff blogs except for those that had already bookmarked your page. Check it esp for first timers.

  2. Ouch! Thanks dear. I'll try 2 rectify it, but pls let me know if it continues. God Bless u darl

  3. as a kid back then,i hated cartoon i prefer to watch tales by moonlight,story land,barney and his friend, nigeria soaps like what next after the storm,checkmate,fuji house of commotion,i love watching speak out!i love watching news online.i prefer to read books ,story books with animation.cinderella story aladdin and the forty thieves.

  4. Awww! Uve really taken me back.

  5. Awww! Uve really taken me back.

  6. Funny enough, i was a quiet and reserved child(haven't changed much but improving) so most of my plays was at home. people practically dragged me out to play and i loved the plays but i just never would make the move. when i was in primary school, my mum practically came to school and told my class teacher to make sure i go out during break time and she would ask every one to leave class during break cause she knew i would stay back lol wierd right? i know, am improving. i was a reader,, books was my way of having fun. it was a good childhood Sha cause i cherished my family and matured a little too early.


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