Wednesday, 14 January 2015


"Friendship is a holy tie made more holy by adversary"(anonymous).
Have any of you noticed that as we get older our circle of friends get smaller? Far back in the nursary/primary school years, anyone that was friendly to us was termed 'a friend'. I had lots of friends then. Fast-forward to my secondary school years, there was so much competition so i was really mindful of who to term 'my friend'.
My friends in the university days was close to nothing cos i had evolved and was aware of who i was and what i really desired in a true friendship. Those fake grins and laughter mattered not to me anymore. I basically was a one-man squared. I tried having friends though, but the female ones came with their own drama, so i was stuck with just reading mates.
Friendship is like a seed, watered with kindness, even as you watch it grow. Some friendship starts off at the most unusual circumstances like in bars, during crisis, disputes and even in lack and want.
Some are made from birth, like that of David and Jonathan. Others are born out of necessity, like the ones we make in the work place and in school. While some are born out of common goals like politics, football, etc, and despite their differences in opinions and thoughts, they still become friends.
Friendship cuts across ethnicity, tribe, skin color and race. It unites. Friendship is giving, helping and sharing. It is the hug when you need it most, the smile flashed when you are down, the letter, text, ping, just when you needed it. Friendship is us.
The popular phrase 'show me your friend and i will tell you who you are' is not far from the truth. Our choice of friends can make or mar us, so we should be mindful of the kind of friends we keep.
Honestly, i feel more comfortable with my male friends because they come with less drama, but there are lots of ladies out there that can really make good friends. Also, there comes a time in a ladies life whereby she needs female friends in her life, that time has come in mine.
So, my application for female friends is still open. Please, if you are interested to be my friend, kindly apply biko, cos I'm bored and all my male friends are either married or have girlfriends (lol).
Thanks as i await all your applications (winks). Cheers.


  1. In a true friendship, there is no room for sadness.

  2. Nice piece. Keep it up.

  3. a friend in need is a friend indeed

  4. Female friends are full of drama and envy,it better to keep to your own lane than keeping friends.what i discover after my wedding is that I don't have friends, they o lyrics move lose to me because of some benefit they get from me now my BFF is my Hubby and my new friends are my blog reader's, the door is open for you to be my friend.i will be loyal.lolz

  5. My dear, u aint far from the truth. Yippy, I'll be loyal too. Thanks


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