Tuesday, 6 January 2015

First of all.... INTRODUCTION (winks)

Hi Friends,

This is going to be the first of a very long relationship between us. Yes I call it a relationship because we'll be stuck together for a long time and yes we aint breaking up (Lol). This blog is going to be all about LIFE and what it throws at us; love, relationship, marriage, and any other interesting topic that comes to us, and yes, its going to be interactive and entertaining.
Life is all about caring and sharing and as we share our experiences, we hope to help each others burden become lighter.
This will be a forum where our experiences, thoughts, pains, triumphs will be shared and advices given at all times.
I have few real life experiences to share with you all too even as I await yours. So your comments, suggestions, opinions will be highly appreciated. Also, you can send in your experiences or any issue you feel you want to share with us and need advice on to my email which is pamciekeem@gmail.com.
I appeal to you all to bear with my post update, because I'm still indecisive on how many post per day, but I think I'll just start with one post for now and see what the future holds. So the next time we meet here, we'll be sharing.
Abegii, enough of the grammar biko, I'm not a grammarian joor. So any mistake found here is mine alone and not from the spell-check(Lol) . So friends, let the fun ride begin.(Winks).


  1. Yeaa, let d fun ride begin!

  2. Hello Pam, congrats. One post per day? I've been there but I backed out when it became tasking on me. Ride on

  3. Welcome to d blogger-ville...u can visit mine. www.mahkaravesnrants.blogspot.com

    1. Tks a lot @mahka. I'll check urs now.

  4. Congrats girl,all the best hope to see you at the top.

  5. Thanks dear. We all will get dere by God's grace. Hope to see u here often. God Bless.


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