Wednesday, 21 January 2015

GUEST POST: I'm not your CBN.

Dear Pam,
Loved your write-up for yesterday, really nice. So, the reason I'm writing this is for you to tell the ladies to stop seeing the male-folks as their bank accounts.

You ladies aint loyal at all. Do you want to run us dry before our time? You'll demand for money to buy the whole africa, if not the whole world. Brazilian hair, Japanese hair, Chinko hair, Iphone 6, BB z10, shopping every 2 weeks, undies, and even common sanitary pad. Why? Is central bank or world bank written on our fore-heads? The worst part is if you dare not meet up, then you'll be termed not caring, and they will leave you for the guy that can cater for all their needs (e.g. My ex-girlfriend). Why???

Unfortunately for broke guys like us wey neva chop bellyful, these girls are way above our leagues, we dare not go near them even if they are our greatest crush (I'm sure that's why you rejected your street broz. lol). You see, that is why most of us are girl-friendless (shakes head). Please, you ladies should pity us and stop these outrageous demands, no be us cause economic meltdown nah. Manage us the way you see us. It isn't a bad thing to give us for a change. Thank you.

By the way, keep up the good work, I'm sure alot of us just read but not comment, but with time you'll soar higher. thanks.

*Hehehehehe. Ok nah, ladies una don hear. Awww, thanks dear, and fyi, my street broz was almost a stalker. Lol.


  1. So hilarious, but will the ladies take note? Pls visit my blog -

  2. Sometimes it annoys me the way some girls turn guys to their bank,they like collecting but they can't give is called selfishness.ladies,be independent!be an asset not a liability,innugo?

  3. Hello Pam, thanks for visiting my blog. You've a really lovely blog. With an effortless flow to the storytelling, one is drawn to read everything. Good job!

  4. Thanks dear. You have a lovely blog too, still going tru it.

  5. Hope they stop wanting us for our breasts and thighs.

  6. Hian @poster maybe it's the girls you know!!!!

    Though I don't doubt what you are said but am sure the guys aint complaining some relationships are just like a typical "employer-employee" situation,you must pay wages/salaries for services rendered naw! Abi who wan do oshofree?

    Btw I don't mind a guy that can buy me all this ooo lol. But really,i want to be able to take care of myself with or without a guy's help

    And Poster am sure the concerned ladies have taken note!!!!


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