Thursday, 8 January 2015

When moving on says NO...

"I hurt so much, it feels like my heart is being ripped out of my chest, I can't breath, I can't just walk away, I'm addicted to the pain, the stress, the drama, I'm drowning in self-pity, I'm a mess and I don't think I'll ever be alright again. I'm going to be single forever". These are part of what we say when heartbreak comes knocking. We become helpless and hopeless, atleast some of us are. Which makes us dwell in that sadness with no clue of when to move on. So the question is, how long does it take a broken-heart to heal? Is it in years, or is it when you meet some other person (probably the rebound)? Well, in my own case, it took me two years before I could let go. Oh boy! Those were two long years. I felt so broken and didn't know what to do. I lost weight. missed meals, cried tears that tasted like blood and also lost interest in things that used to be fun. As a healing balm, i ended up in another relationship thinking I'll find solace there and finally heal but instead, I was more messed up because I was not in-love with him and I ended up breaking him. This is what happens when you run into a rebound guy/girl, you feel you can heal through them but that's not true cos you end up getting even worse. Don't get me wrong here, some are lucky enough to end up in a really happy and loving relationship with the next person they meet. So to those in the first category, instead of jumping into a rebound relationship, why not give yourself enough time to heal and re-discover yourself. I mean you should look at the positive side of life and tell yourself that if he/she was really yours then they'll still be with you. Try to lighten up, hang out with friends, do what you love doing best (I love watching movies and it makes me happy), don't beat yourself up, be merry and look good to the extent that even if your ex see's you, he/she will know what they are missing. Be strong, so that when moving on says NO you can't, you'll say YES I can... and I have. Yes we all can!!!


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