Thursday, 29 January 2015

Cry for Help!

Today's post is going to be really short,so here goes: My friend really needs an urgent advice, please I need you all to help her out. She came crying to me few days ago about how her Mr Right changed to Mr Left. She was so inlove with this guy to a fault, but one thing led to another and they broke up (Don't want to go into details). Now she hurts so much for loosing him but the problem is that the guy has refused to pay her the 200k being owed. His words "I'll pay you when I want to pay you, so stop disturbing me!". She has sent several text and called countless times but the guy isn't responding positively and of recent has started threatening her. So dear friends, she needs advice on how to get her money back without involving the police. Biko let's kindly help her. Cheers.


  1. Chai! Let me be frank with you,she might not get the money back forget it.Dont even involve the police cos they will worsen the matter and she might not like it.police is not a recovery agent so it's a No go area.probably she should talk to his sister or mother to plead on her behalf together money back.

  2. Chai.....i have read enough on blogs not to borrow a man am yet to be married to my hard earned money.i would rather give you the money....

    Better still if she wish to report the guy to a tribunal,i can refer her there lol

    Even at that, if the guy has a conscious which I doubt, he should return that money. You can't break up with someone and still refuse to pay back his "gbese"

  3. If you know his church(that's if he goes to one) report the matter to his Pastor...i know of a girl who had the same problem,reported it to the guys Pastor and got her money back.

  4. Let her take mopol to the guys office or home and embarrass him. She should stay there till she gets alert. She should not move oh. I did it to one idiot owing me and it worked. His colleagues came out to beg me but I refused to leave. He paid in full that day and got sacked afterwards for embarrassing the company. If she's in PH, she should let me know, I will link her up with the mopol who assisted me

  5. Wow! Don't I luv u already. Lolz. Unfortunately, d girl is in lagos here. Hmmm, nawaoo. So u really did dat? Hehehehehehe


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