Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Whose report do you believe?

Sometime last year, a lady regrettably told me how she missed/lost a good guy just because a "man of God" told her that the guy wasn't hers. He said that they weren't meant for each other so she should call off the engagement. Though she didn't tell the guy the real reason why she was breaking up with him, and despite his pleas, she still insisted on the break-up. The guy is married now with kids, while she's still single waiting for Mr right. It's not actually being still single in her late 30's that pains her most, but she feels that she was deceived.....

I recently heard about two people who were to get married but they decided to go seek counsel from a Pastor, he told them never to get married, if not, one of them will die. This same message was given to them by different Pastors so it shook them, so they decided to let each other go. Both got married to different people and a few years later, the man's wife died.

After listening to this story, I happened to ask, was it fate for whoever the man gets married to will die, cos he married someone else but his wife still died. The other lady is still alive and married.

I don't want to make this post longer than it should be already cos there are so many stories about people who believed in the counsel of different men of God and they either become made or marred for life.

Homes have been United as well as destroyed through this means. Businesses have crumbled as well as flourished, etc.
So let's talk, what's your take about seeking counsel from men of God? Are their prayers different from yours or does God answer theirs specially? Lolz.

I feel that, if you kneel before God and ask for guidance, HE will direct your path.

So what's your take on this?


  1. This same mistake is committed over and over again. Just believe in your instincts and ask God for guidance.

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  2. In the first place, Christians or rather people who call themselves Christians need discerning spirit. So when any person that claims to be from God prophecies, they will be able to distinguish, the sheep from the goat.

    I for one, don't listen to every Pastor, infact, once you say the one that doesn't correspond with what the Bible says, na so I go dey reject am.

    When it comes to marriage, I ain't going to no pastor. Everyone has the ability of hearing from God, once you decide to commit yourself to fasting and prayer.

    Nma's Blog 

  3. its better to be your own prophet,pray about should know how God communicate to you.
    going to pastors exccept is a critical issue is a total waste of time

  4. Imagine. When do we stop putting our lives in the hands of pastors? Dem no go hear...I would rather pray about everything on my own!!!

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