Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Guest-Post : Motherly love or...?

Hi pamscrib, I am a ghost reader of your blog. I hardly comment but I do read your post well. 
I have some issues which I need you and your blog readers sincere advice. Please hide my identity, biko.

I just got married and it has been an 8 months blissful journey but I noticed my mother's frequent calls everytime, always wanting to know everything, to the extent that anytime she calls first thing she will ask is where are you? Alot of things she wanna know.
She can call me 5 times in a day, abeg why nah, is becoming irritating. Though my hubby is jokingly complaining about it.

There was a time I got a pastor number from her, do you know she has been pestering me to tell her what me and hubby discussed with the pastor? Because I don't have a job yet she keeps telling me to call her uncles and friends, can't she call them on my behalf? 

One of those times, she insisted I should go see one of her rich uncle by fire by force, na so the man dey tell me when will I come visit again that I should come weekend. He was even trying to hug me in his office. This episode was after my wedding.

This night she called me again asking me what is not her business. I DO NOT like people monitoring me. How can I tell her to stop all these without sounding rude? Please I need sincere responses

Dear Poster,
I believe there is a way you can talk to her calmly to back off. After all said and done, she's still your mum.
Abeg, let the comments start rolling. Be wise dear.


  1. You just have to show her that you can take care of yourself... Talk to her about it,communication is key and give her time to adjust.

  2. Wow!!!! For a mother, she is really brcoming annoying. Better tell her to her face to take a chill tablet, u have ur own family and ur an adult. The intrusion aint needed. Soft voice turns away wrath.

  3. She cares about you. She simply cares too much. She is also afraid for you, I guess. All you need to to is to give her an assurance that you will be fine.

    You have a good mother dear.

  4. Please tell her already. Make her understand that you are an adult and a married one at that.

  5. Hmmmn, maybe she still sees you as a baby, you need to let her know you are an adult.and you should also be acting as one


  6. No doubt worried about you but hey you are married now and the level of monitoring or care should be limited. This aften happens when you are an only girl child or when you haven't been apart from her before...


  7. You are an adult and your decisions should be made by U. Don't blame Her, she's Ur mother. she cares about U.


  8. tell her about her attitude nau..

    I used to walk up to gift shops
    Spending hours selecting that gift
    I felt would suit your person.

    I don’t know if these shops still exist.

  9. Just tell her ain't no rudeness about it ...



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