Monday, 27 July 2015

Look beyond the attractions.

Hello my lovelies and how is your Monday going? Mine is going on great, hope yours is too. Let's start counting down to Friday again, Lol.

A lot of people go into marriage with different reasons. Reasons ranging from what they will get or how fat their pocket will be during the marrige journey(money), some others go into marriage just about the physical attractions amongst other things (tall dark and handsome; slim, fair with killer shape).

The thing they fail to consider is, what if all these things aint there anymore, what happens next? What if the money isn't coming as it should or the person gets a scar or looses the shape you so loved, will the feelings still be there for them?

Have you ever thought about why your friend don't seem ugly to you, even when others say he or she is ugly, you still don't see it? This is because something brought both of you together and then you became friends, felt compatible, so other things fell into place. This is how a relationship/marriage should be.

Like Barry White sang "baby I love you just the way you are", love him/her the way they are. For better for worse isn't beans. Remember to help him/her become the better person you want them to be. No, I don't mean change the person, that isn't easy either and many people may see it as offensive, I mean guide them to the right part. Please don't get swept away by physical attractions, yes we all know that something draws us to a person, but you shouldn't make the less important things a priority. Note that a successful relationship/marriage needs more than that to sail into higher grounds. Be wise. Ciao.


  1. Great post and you have a lovely blog, i nominated you for the Versatile blogger Award, i hope you'll check it out.

  2. Agreed
    I usually see beauty in people's eyes because it opens up a window into their inner beings, and I can see a beautiful soul and not necessarily their outward features, and guess what? It's usually based on how they make me feel :)

  3. You said it all . look beyond the physical,the money. This should be a great lesson to the single guys and ladies

  4. You said the truth! it should not only be about the physical but the matters of the heart. Nice write up.

  5. Nice post

  6. Look beyond attraction, connect with your partner for the right reasons... Great piece.

    Egwumba’s Blog

  7. Great post.


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