Monday, 6 July 2015

Monday nothing.

Happy new week guyz, Lolz. How has your day been so far? My system hasn't really adjusted to work resumption yet so, here I am in a training, nodding my head. Chai! This is a disgrace to my personality. When the trainer shouted,  "stop sleeping there", I jumped thinking I was the one, Thank God it wasn't me,  Lolz.

Biko, I'm typing this in the training room and after this time, I'll be super busy with work.  So I want to remind us that our "Face of the week" is still on and it's being featured on Monday's. Please, send in your pictures to grace our pages. Tuesday's are our "Guest-Post Tuesday", please send in your posts via my email address,

Abeg, let me concentrate on the training  cos this man has started giving me side eyes. OK, bye. Get behind me sleep. Bye again and see you tomorrow. Kisses and hugs, xoxo.


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