Thursday, 30 July 2015

Thursday Tantrum.

 It's another Thursday again of tantrums. So let us all vent it out.

A collegue of mine has been beefing me for over a week now, and seriously, it's really been the Grace of God that has prevented me from attacking her. I wonder why someone can't seem to be on good terms with other people, always beefing and on people's bad side. Why???
You all should pray for me oo cos I may loose it on her pretty soon.

What's yours?


  1. I am not just good at venting sha.
    about your collegue, nne give her space biko....some people are just waiting for who will come and kill dem.

  2. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh....Am throwing this tantrum because my pumping machine that was behind my house was stolen. Why are people so wicked? Is it that they are that hungry or what? Why steal from one?But thank God that we bought another one today already. To the person that stole my pumping machine, u just took away all my sorrows.

    Secondly, there hasn't been power supply in my area snce Sunday. Why must it be my area all the time that won't have light when others are enjoying light? Phcn should not just provoke me,they should rectify the problem oo before I lose control

    1. Somepeople have no shame. They are cursed jare. Sorry about that. Nepa should mind demselves oo.

  3. Relax... ignore her. She's not worth it.

  4. Hahahahahahah! Please clap her if she misbehave, next time she won't try rubbish. Sometimes it's good to show your other side to some silly people.

    Tantrum, I went to inhale one harmful chemical again. May God help BMF

  5. Best to lay low and focus on your own thing. Best wishes!

  6. Kick her butt and slap her eye drag her ugly braids till she calls your name believe me she won't beef u again rather she will fear u and that kinda makes it easy for you to live peacefully with her ....

    You can thank me later

  7. Pam, I will advise you ignore this colleague of yours but sometimes, people just need to be taught the lesson of their lives to make them realise that one's gentility should not be mistaken for stupidity. In other words, apply wisdom here

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