Friday, 3 July 2015

What will you do???

What would you do if your brother introduces a lady he wants to marry, but everyone in the family doesn't approve of her? This is the question for the day.

Now, I recently came in contact with a family, I'm sorry to say this, but the drama there is similar to what they act in a Naija movie.

Although, the couple here are now married but the whole family doesn't approve of the lady, and according to them, she has already started bringing a divide to the once peaceful home. Sibling rivalry and all have started. The husband doesn't listen to any other person but the wife. He doesn't give his mum or siblings a dime but rather prefers to spend a fortune on the lady and her family, and worst still, she steals the food items in the house and takes it to her family. He has refused to rent an apartment cos the house here is a family house, and I was told the lady has given one of the guys' siblings who happens to be a girl, a deadline to leave the house. The lady in question hides in the room until her mother-in-law finishes cooking, then she comes out to dish food for her and the husband. Eats and dumps the plate. Hmmm, the list is endless.

I really don't know how true this is, but incase it's the truth, I'm really dumbfounded. I'll just make this short, so, what will you do if you are in this family's shoes?

Do have a wonderful weekend. Cheers.


  1. This can ONLY happen in a Nigerian movie! I found myself in this situation when my younger bros was getting married to his wife. almost all the family members disagreed on their marriage,When he sought for my opinion,i told him to follow his mind which he did. Now they are blessed with four children!

  2. I will never approve of her with these silly attitude,infact she is not a wife material

  3. Instead of trying to get the family to accept her eventually, she prefers to cause more trouble to make the matter worst. Her mental state needs to be checked...I won't rule out a spiritual solution too. Personally, I will constantly pray for...especially my brother so that the log in his eyes put by her wife be removed, only then can he call his wife to order. (God answers prayers, you know?)

  4. Hmmmmm......madam u go go ooo
    Ah ah imagine the best thing is to force them to get their own house and leave the family house


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