Sunday, 5 July 2015

Be the good role model that you should.

Hello my lovelies and a beautiful Sunday to you and yours. Hope your day is as blessed as mine? Remain Blessed as always.

I watched a Mount Zion movie today. Who else loves their movies, cos I've been addicted to them for the past 10 years. Anyways, back to the movie.
The couple here were newly wedded but the man was deceived by his father in the Lord who happens to be his role model. The continuous bad advices and counseling he received from the said role model almost collapsed his home, but for the timely intervention of another man of God, his wife would have filed for divorce just 5 weeks into the marriage.

What is the essence of this? I've noticed that alot of people look upto others as their mentors, and most are either disappointed or become "follow follow". Some of us know this.

So we all ought to be good role models to the people that look up to us. You may not know it but a lot of people especially the young ones actually look up to you for guidance. So, the moment you derail or have a stain to that good image they see you as, they either follow in your step or distrust you thereby stop looking up to you.
Also, mind the kind of advices you give cos it may either make or Mar them. Let's all be wise.
Love you and do have a beautiful week ahead. Cheers.


  1. Very beautiful piece. Some role models are actually rude models. They have misled many that look up to them.

  2. Love you right back and do have a fantastic week ahead

  3. Well as far as I know, I should be accountable for any decisions I amake concerning my life no matter the kind of advice I getfrom people.

    I look up to myself.....

  4. Have a nice week ahead.

  5. so true! all these pastors and co need to watch the kinda advice they dish out.

    happy new week


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