Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Post marriage regrets.

Hello Pamscribers, hope your day has been awesome so far? Sorry for coming in late today, I've been so so busy. So waddup?

Today is supposed to be our guest post Tuesday, but no mail came in. Please anyone can send in a mail, including our ghost readers. Lol.

So please, we need to keep this day alive so it won't loose it's value. Anyways, I have a question for you all.

Why do some married couples feel they have made a wrong choice after marriage?
Someone close to me is having problems in his marriage. He now feels that him and his wife ain't compatible anymore and regrets getting married to her. He wished he had gotten married to his ex, who he left for his wife now. They are already having serious issues and are already sleeping apart. The gist is too long though, but I want to ask, didn't they see all the signs before they got married?

Biko, let's talk. What will you tell the guy if he was your friend?


  1. Hmmmn! Are they newly wed? This kind of feeling usually happen at the beginning, you know that's when you guys get to know the real person you married to. However it's about tolerant, both parties need to tolerate each other. He should forget about his ex,rather he should fovus on what made him marry his wife. don't worry they will get over it. Lolz

  2. Signs ? What they were seeing was relationship signs but it's not a matter of signs it's about the marriage loosing it's romance sparkle is just a matter of rekindling the romance fire..


  3. Both comments above me are very true, its only a teething period, they will overcome it if they are both willing to make it work.

  4. Some of them marry out of frustration or they probably don't know themselves so well before marriage.. Some know this but they will believe after marriage, things will turn out well

    It's better you marry your friend, someone you can tolerate and live with.


  5. I totally agree with Bmf..



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