Saturday, 11 July 2015

Saturday questions.

Waddup everyone. How una Saturday dey go? Happy weekend to you all oo. Hope none of you is working today like I am. Well, man must work so that we'll all smile at the end of the month, abii?

Unlike yesterday's post that was really long, today's post will be short. Infact, its just going to be about questions, while you all will provide your answers to it at the comment section.
Here goes:
Question 1: A lady has an accommodation problem, so her boyfriend decided to house her while she goes to work from his house. Her salary is meager so she can't afford a house, and her boyfriend's house is really close to her office, so she jumped at the idea. Although, the guy promises to marry her and a form of introduction to the families have been made, but sometimes she feels she isn't doing the right thing living with him. If there was any of her relations around she would have gladly stayed with them, but in this case, she has none. What would be your advice to her?

Question 2: Your male friend has been dating his girlfriend for 6 years now. You are in approval of the girl, so you asked your friend what is delaying him from marrying her. He shocked you by saying he isn't interested in getting married to her, though a good girl, but he is only with her cos of her money (she's richer than him). You feel bad about it cos he had already given her high hopes of marriage, and then you tell him to let her go if he isn't interested in marrying her cos age isn't on the girl's side anymore but he refuses. Will you tell her what her boyfriend is upto?

Kindly provide your answers in the comment section. Let's gist.


  1. PamPam, may God bless the work of our hands. I kuku worked today too(half day)it is well.

    Q 1:My advice for that lady is to take the nearest exit, she don turn live in lover be dat nau. The people that did it yesterday are regretting it already, please be warned,it is advisable you stay in his house until he has done the necessary things which is getting married to you legally

    Q 2: Six years is a very long time .I won't hesitate to tell the lady what her guy is up to.
    Some ladies sef dey try o, I can't imagine myself dating a man for 3 years without us taking it to the next level not to talk of 6 solid years.

  2. Hmmmmm The first question, the lady should have looked for someone else to stay with. She ain't married to the guy yet irrespective of whatever intro they already have. One needs to be careful these days when it has to do with relationships....

    For the second person, I will urge the guy to let the babe be and let him know how bad his decision is. Give him reasons why he should let go of the guy so she can concentrate on her life thereby getting serious with someone that will marry her.

  3. First question : Hmmmmn she will lose her value if she stays there without the guy doing the needful. She will take Lotta bullshit

    Second : as per my sharp mouth I will tel, my friend I don't really care but the truth must be told, before she mumu herself

  4. Question 2, why would I call you my friend and not protect my interest? Abegi.
    1. I'm indifferent about it. Not living with him doesn't guarantee marriage and vice versa.


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