Sunday, 12 July 2015

Blessed Sunday to you all.

Hello my lovely Pamscribers, Happy Sunday to you and yours. May the peace of the Lord be upon us all.

Hope you all went to church shaa, cos I did and I had a swell time in HIS Presence. The scripture reading was taken from Genesis 28 vs 10-20 and John 1 vs 50-51, and it was titled the Gate of Heaven. This day, May the GATES OF HEAVEN open and the showers of blessings from above be poured upon us, also may the promises of Jacob be our portion in Jesus Name, Amen.

To our Muslim friends, how is the fasting going? May Allah give you the strength to forge ahead.

Now to the joke of the day. I woke up a bit late today and I was supposed to attend 7am service, so while rushing to get ready and leave the house, I did something funny, I wore my cloth inside out. The worst part of it was that I didn't notice until close of service. Mehn, I just cold, I shame ooo. I really fall my hand big time. This is me just hoping that no one noticed it ooo. Anyways, the way I see it is that, so much money coming my way, #winks.

Have a Blessed week ahead.


  1. Look on the bright side, at least it gave you something to talk about, albeit a funny one. Have a lovely week, and best wishes!

  2. Eyah yes o plenty plenty money.

  3. @gloria u know as e dey go...Enough money menh!!!

    @Pam don't forget your girl ooo when the money starts rushing in....

    Have a lovely week ahead

    1. yesoo, my personal person, u r remembered already. Lol

  4. Money is coming o...abeg don't forget me o when it happens..hehe

  5. oh really! wow i can imagine that moment you discovered


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