Monday, 13 July 2015

Just NEGODU...

A beautiful Monday to you my lovely Pamscribers, hope your day is serving you better? Well, mine is treating me beautifully, considering yesterday's mishap . Lolz.

Well, earlier today I was racking my brain on what to write and then my phone chimed, whatsapp message. I happened to read the message before I even looked at the name of the person that sent me, I was shocked and started wondering who was sending me such message, then I looked at the name and laughed my head off.
You see, a few weeks ago, a female friend of mine told me about a guy that's pestering her life. The truth is that she kinda liked the guy and would like to accept his proposal, although she hasn't met him physically but they chat alot. I gave her my own share of advice and asked her to be wise shaa. Anyways, later on, she told me that she did accept. Ehmmm, they haven't talked on phone before, they just chat alot. #clearsthroat.

So back to the message, she was the one who forwarded the message that the guy sent to her and with her permission I'm gonna share it here so that you all will see what I saw. Lol. She reads this blog. So here goes:

"But baby, please...In this our relationship, i wont want us to be missing eachother...whereby we will be staying for more than 5days before seeing eachother.
After we've seen for the first time, i would like us to be seeing eachother constantly and everytime.
That is how i like my relationship and that is how a relationship can bloom and become fruitful...
Being together at all times will give us the full opportunity to know eachother well and understand eachother. We can go out together...go to the market, cook together, wash together, pray together, watch movies together, go to church together, eat together, shower together, watch football together, play together and all.
And if i get you pregnant, i will not agree for us to do abortion ooooo.
We will keep the pregnancy and do what is necessary.
Please honey.
And i hope you will also be coming to spend weekends and to spend more days and weeks?"

No disrespect to the guys, but I really had a good laugh here. Can somebody please tell this bros that he needs a wife. I just can't stop laughing, I just can't. I had to borrow Stella's 'Just Negodu' for the topic, couldn't rack my brain for a suitable one. LOL.
Abeg, over to you.


  1. "And if i get you pregnant, i will not agree for us to do abortion ooooo.

    "Ermmm, is this his own style of telling the babe to prepare her mind for sex whenever they see??? hmmm

  2. The one that caught my attention is shower together. He should kuku marry her nah abi what's all this???

  3. I believe your friend is an adult. If she wants to agree to the terms and condition what's my own?
    There is more to a relationship than being together all the time jare.

  4. What a message indeed. At least he's upfront about his needs. She needs to compile her own needs too. Nice week!

  5. the guy is jobless i guess! better still he should do the needful

  6. Lol...This guy is a sharp guy...Your friend should. shine her eyes well well ooo. He is a smooth operator and sweet talker. He also wants your friend's honeypot sharpaly

  7. It is a serious something

  8. Even if he gets a wife can they be together 24/7? I feel the guy has home problem Jare.. Your friend should flee from him o. Except she enjoys someone that's over - possessive.

  9. nice

  10. The dude is in love abeg, love makes one not to think straight. ? free the dude to enjoy the moment.


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