Thursday, 9 July 2015

TAntRuM tHUsDAy.

Tantrum Thursday is here again. Biko, I want to skip the introduction and go straight to my vex.

I don't know if you guys can remember about a friend of mine I told you all about who was searching for an apartment in Lagos and saw different types of crappy houses. Well, after 3-4 months of search, he finally found one he liked and did the payment, actually, they over-charged him by 20k for damages but he didn't mind. They asked him to give them 2 weeks to repair/change things in the house, which he agreed and then went back to his current landlady for extra 10days to stay in the house before he vacates, since his house rent had already expired.
Few days after the said agreed date, he went to the house and found out that they've done nothing. He was shocked and then called them, only for them to start giving him flimsy excuses and later started rejecting his call. Later on, the agent called him and started begging that she's sorry, that the owners of the house now want a Yoruba person and not another tribe. He got so angry and asked them why they didn't tell him this previously so that he'll look for another place. The annoying part is that the ten days of grace he begged his landlady has expired, so, he has been asked to pay for the month.

You see eeh, this my friend is not a trouble maker and he doesn't want to start quoting law for her. Now, when I heard this news, I got so angry but he asked me to chill. He said he got angry too but later relaxed cos when he went to the house, he prayed. So when this later happened, he got angry but when he later remembered what he prayed about, he relaxed and said it's God's will. He asked them to refund his money which they have.

Well, I thought about it and agreed with him. But, that shouldn't make it all right. There was a guy that was actually duped like this alongside alot of people, unfortunately, his money was never refunded. Please, everyone should be careful when house hunting cos people aint smiling at all.

Your turn.


  1. Some people can be so tribalistic. What has tribe got to do with it? Na wa oo.

    I have no tantrums to throw this week. Nepa don dey give us light steady.

    Pam,so u sef don dey IG, I go like join you guys ooo. How do I go about it?

  2. Hmmmn my brother actually wanted to pay for his rent after months of searching, just for him to get there to hear another story, the woman said she doesn't want my brother. I told not to even beg her he should Waka shapely.

    I don't have any rant but to thank God for a wonderful alert this afternoon *sideeye at chincobee *

  3. Me I have not tantrum... Happy!

  4. My land lord is actually trying my patience too. After paying my huge rent, I'm still expected to contribute money for a lame project in my compound. If I vex eh, that man head go explode. Walahi!!!!


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