Thursday, 16 July 2015

Thursday Tantrum!!!

How are you all doing this cold and rainy day. Mehn, I wish that I'm on my bed right now oo cos this weather is indeed for two (my pillow and I), Lolz.

Tantrum Thursday is here again. I don't have anything to rant about today, my week has been OK so far. The only thing now is that I'm so cold, and my cold blooded colleague isn't making things easy for me cos as much as I put off the AC, he puts it back on, claiming he is hot.

Which kain bad belle be this one now? If you see the kind eye I dey give am. It's enough to turn him into a fish, if only I had those magical powers being displayed in Hollywood movies. #frownsface.

Abeg, how has your week been so far? Let's gist.


  1. Which kain winchi winchi colleague be that one nau? I can imagine how you would have felt putting off the AC cos u were cold and ur colleague putting it on claiming he is hot.

    Make him go hospital for check up o cos anyone that complains of being hot dis kain period isn't alright.

  2. I have to be at work tomorrow and saturday. My only holiday is monday

    I now close that not wickedness? Issorait ooo

    1. Haaaaaaa!That's wickedness oo. It is well my friend.

      Shakitibobo has been on replay mode. I juSt dey hear d song for d very first time and its on point. Olamide,I love you

  3. Guess what, I thought yesterday was Thursday *coversface*
    Week has been great, lot of tantrums to throw but above all let the will of God prevail

  4. Not too fantastic but we still holding on to God ....

  5. The weather should try and be friendly i wanna enjoy this weekend going out..


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