Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Rich bully Vs Poor with prospects.

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Years ago, precisely my year one in the higher institution, I happened to be in a club for broadcasting students. So, one of those meeting days, a discussion came up and the question was directed to the ladies. "Will you marry a rich bully or a poor man with prospects". Some ladies said they'll go for the rich bully, so far he doesn't kill them, they actually saw abuse as part of what gives balance to a relationship. A particular lady stood up and constructively gave reasons why she would prefer the poor guy and how she'll help him achieve his goals. Few people were against it and insisted that there isn't Love in poverty.
So here I am now, bringing this before you all. Who would you choose and give us reasons why you will choose him.

In the case of the rich man, he bullies/abuses you both physically and emotional, he is a serial flirt and cheat which you are aware of, but he cares for you and gives you the whole world at your demand. Financially, you are more than loaded but you've not only lost your self esteem during the course of the relationship, you've lost most of your friends cos he has made himself your personal Lord and Savior. Will you say "YES" to him despite all these?

On the other hand, The poor guy with prospects is your friend and your man. He doesn't have enough to be called comfortable, but he has prospects, good business plans that are being delayed by cash. The little he has, he doesn't mind sharing it equally with you or even giving you more than half. He listens to you and never hurts you. He's your bestie of life. Will you be patient enough to live with the poor guy until he achieves his goals?

This question is for the ladies in da house.  To the guys in the house, imagine that a lady close to you finds herself in this fix, what will you advise her to do?
Although, your part will come in another post later this week. So, let the comments start rolling.

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  1. Personally non of the above, but the poor man is a better choice

  2. Well, over to the ladies. I think its a no-brainer really.

  3. Na the poor with prospect ooo,I love the package that comes with it,money doesn't bring happiness biko,I no fit marry man wey go panel beat my life.
    To the poor guy, remember 2 heads are better than one, we will work it out. Contentment is the key.

  4. I will choose the poor with prospect ooo, I can't allow one man to panel beat my life cos of money. Money doesn't bring happiness biko.
    The poor guy we will work on it prospect and surely things will be fine. Contentment is the key

  5. Poor guy all the way....I can't even stand those guys that feel they have money and so treat or talk to me anyhow!!!!

    Welcome to IG.

  6. Let the ladies in da house do justice to this one while we read comments!

  7. Bolatito has said it all.... Gbam!

  8. The poor dude is willing to share with me and even give me more than half?? Hian! Wetin I wan come use the rich bully do? Me that hate abuse pass anything


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