Thursday, 2 July 2015

Thursday Tantrum!!!

Tantrum Thursday oti de oo. It's here again. Come in here and vent out all the anger in you, don't keep them all in, instead, let them all out.

I'm still suffering from waist pain all thanks to the reckless driver that took us to calabar. Imagine that anytime he enters a pothole, instead of him to apologise to us, he comes down from the bus to check if there was any damage to his bus. Imagine that!!! And it didn't occur once or twice but severally. He was so slow and we ended up getting to Calabar by 1am. I know that it's far but we should have gotten there at most 8pm. Anyways, trust the passengers to fire him with their mouths. #rollseyes.
Abeg, what's the treatment for waist pain cos mine is seriously paining me biko.

Please, they should bring back our tomatoes and pepper abeg, before its too late.

That's mine. What's yours? Let's Gist.


  1. 5 bottles of alomo ......lolz.....

  2. The price of tomatoes and yam no eh, chai! One dishes stew with caution now. No wastage whatsoever.

    Hi ya Pam, I'm backkkk. Y'all should kindly visit my blog biko

  3. Pele dear. Do some waist exercise. You'll be fine.

  4. I have waist pain too but I won't dare exercise. PAM aw is your leave going?

    Hope PAT ain't listening to me???

  5. take opa eyin,or jedi jedi

    my rant,why should my tenant be deceiving me nah,he is owing me since 6monyhs he no wan pay,wetin be this trick nah


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