Friday, 17 July 2015

Happy Holidays.

A happy Eid El Fitr to all my Muslim friends, and a happy holiday to everyone at home. As for me and Chinco bee, we are working today. #wipes tears. Chinco bee dearie, God is our bone-marrow, you hear?
Anyways, my office people consoled the people working today with one kind correct poundo yam and egusi soup with assorted meat. Mehn, I was really hungry and forgot that I was at work while eating, now I am so full and really feel like sleeping. #side eyes at my boss. If he dares catch me sleeping, he'll ask if he forced me to eat.

Biko, you people shouldn't vex for me today, over-feeding they worry me, and you won't get the best out of Pamela in this state (shines teeth). So, you all should enjoy this long holiday. Don't stay locked in; visit the movies, the beach, the bar, go clubbing, dance, dance and dance, blow off steam. Go to the spa, get a massage, do something fun with your spouse; if single, go out and have fun too.

Being single isn't a disease but a privilege joor. If not for work, I'll be having much fun and feeling fly. Don't forget to go to church too. Enjoy yourself and don't do what I won't do cos I'm watching you all on 5D, I mean the single ones oo, not the married abeg.

Please, whose attending the SDK PAINT LAGOS RED PARTY? I feel like attending shaa, who feels the same way? Well, you know how to reach me, or you can whatsapp 07037531587. Going back to work now, byee, and do have a wonderful/fun-filled weekend and holiday. E-hugs and kisses, muahh.


  1. Hello and have a great weekend!

  2. Babes, I kuku dey ooo and am going today as well. Just monday is pub holiday. These employers will find a way to snatch the free day back.

    Am in vigil now so you can is well

    You even see correct food chop.

    Not interested in the sdk party jare...

  3. Pele you snd chincobee. Tell your boss that I said they are wicked. As per the SDK parry. ...hmmmn, I no trust SDK people before they abuse me, you know they are not nice. Still thinking about it jawe. Had it been I was single eehn would have been so eager to go but now eeerrmm.
    Ohk bye

  4. Hi ya Pam, make Una chop for absentees at that SDK jam o. Bola if you gather liver go, I will too, deal? Lol

  5. Happy holiday! Have a great weekend!


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