Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Boarding house/school experience.

Happy day dear Pamscribers, hope your day is serving you better? As for me, I'm in a salon crying my eyes out cos of the pain of beauty. Hmmmm, someone please come help me cut this hair cos I no do again abeg. What happens to going on low cut just like back then in secondary school days? The only thing I hear from people now is, "your hair is really long, people are even begging for a long hair as yours. Don't cut your hair, it won't fit you, especially, since you don't put on jewelries.". Please, I can't bear this pain again cos of recent, I now have this huge fear of salons. God help me biko.

If you were a boarder in the house, raise your hands up? I was a boarder for two years and those were the worst two years of my life. The seniors were sent from hell, wicked beings in form of ladies who had vowed to frustrate any junior in or out of sight. I was really tiny when I got into JSS1, and imagine me then carrying those iron buckets almost my size, filled with water, on my head. You are expected to fetch the water without a drop pouring out, if not, the beating that will follow will be out of this world.

If they ask you for your provisions and you dare refuse, you are "marked". The beatings you will receive later on will make you think twice about your existence.

One of those days, it rained heavily so we couldn't sweep the hostel compound. I can remember us being recalled back from the dining hall to the hostel and told to lie down on the floor which was unfortunately for us, filled with soldier ants. If you know or have been bitten by that wicked insect, you'll know what we passed through that day. Those ants crept "up there" and "down there" and bit the living day light out of us.  Though my sister was in the same school, but she couldn't do anything whenever I'm being punished for what I didn't do cos she was only in SS1 then.

Imagine you sleeping and scared to even wake up for fear of what will happen in the morning. Chai! The fear of seniors was the beginning of wisdom abeg. So, I had to disturb my parents to change my school, mum agreed, dad disagreed. This went on until 3rd term of JSS2, and since dad still refused my leaving the school, I became seriously sick. Believe me when I say that sickness saved my life. It was the only reason my dad agreed to my leaving the school. To say that I was happy was an understatement. With the experience I got from that school, I don't think I would allow my person to attend a boarding school at all. The wahala is too much abeg.

So, what was your experience back in secondary school as a day or boarding student? Let's gist biko.


  1. The experience u had was really a terrible one Pam Pam... I was actually a day student though my school was a boarding school. My mom never allowed me to be a boarder despite all my pleas for her to allow me become a boarder.
    I wanted it so badly. I missed out on all the social activities...PTA jump, Era etc
    Can u even imagne how some boarders envied the day students. If there was a way for them to switch with us,they would have.

    In all, I give God the glory cos had it been I was a boarder in that school, I for don poto(spoil)

  2. Intimidation especially when a senior wouldn't let go of my bag cos he wants some money from me

  3. I wasn't a boarder, I used to wish I was then. Cos there is always this behavioral different between a day student and a boarder.
    Life was fun as a day student. No unnecessary punishment.
    I still wish I witnessed boarding house life. My uni didn't have a hostel....all those may flower students won't allow us rest back in the days.

  4. I just dislike boarding schools from the onset and thank God I never went to any. Babe, I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award. You can visit my blog to see the nomination list.

  5. I did not attend a boarding school. No experience for me

  6. Ahahahaha Pam we are together jare but boarding house was fun for me ooo ad mist the sufferings, I still love it there cos my childhood was safer there. Though concerning those seniors, I always wonder how someone can be that wicked going by our age then. They cared less if a junior dies in their hand

    What about when your parents come visiting and they eat the whole of your food even before you get back to the room? I have one crazy senior then that will tell me to come caress her body at night so she can sleep ahahahahaha if her catch that senior outside ehn, she go hear am. She baths at 12am and na me go hold her towel for am. Those people are mean menh

    We once organized a gang beatings by our set (guys) to a particular senior. It felt so good.

    By the way I finished from RSS, Sagamu. I didn't regret being a boarder abeg!!!!

  7. Chai thank God I joined in SS3 so I had no issues but sincerely I can't allow my daughter to b a boarder cos based on what I saw n d wicked act of some girls it's just dishearten. Adetola


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