Saturday, 1 August 2015

Pleasure in hitting???

A happy new month to you all my lovelies, God bless you and yours, and grant all the desires of your heart. Amen.

Few years back, a friends sister happened to be in a relationship where she was constantly beaten black and blue, and despite all the talks to save her dear life, she insisted to tie her gele in the relationship. They are married now and the beating continues into the next level. She miscarried during one of those episodes though.
I've heard on different occasions where ladies insist that they have to be with a man who hits them. They say a man commands respect through hitting, cos that's what makes the relationship "spicy". Arrant nonsense.

A friend of mine told me about a gal he once dated. She derives pleasure when hit, she actually begs him to hit her, and it's the only reason that heightens her sexual drive. She must be hit before she accepts his sexual advances. She actually begs and craves to be beaten first before the "show". He couldn't put up with that cos he detests hitting a lady, so he broke up with her. That is indeed a mental/psychiatrist case.

Some ladies actually give in to the beatings, so far the guy later showers them with gifts later. How can someone even derive pleasure in beating? Someone please tell me these people ain't sick.
One of such ladies was hit during pregnancy, lost the child and hasn't been able to take in ever since.
On no account should abuse be seen/termed romance. It's bad and an abuser should be reported to the right authorities.

The thing these ladies don't get is that when they die from the beatings, they are gone, and the guy will pick someone else. Say no to abuse.


  1. Happy New Month Pam Pam, may we all have reasons to smile in this blessed month of August

  2. Tell them ooo Pam Pam and she that has ears,let her hear. To the woman beater, your middle name is "Shame"and to the receiver of the beating,your middle name is "OYO",On Your Own....Stay there and let him kill u,na dat time your eyes go open. Iranu abasha

  3. Happy New Month, Sweetie!
    May God make all things NEW for you.

  4. Ladies, say no to being beaten for pleasure sake or whatever reason... It's absolutely wrong for a guy to hit a lady and it is arrant madness for a woman to seek the fist and battering from her man (or any man) to be aroused sexually or to feel his authority as a man.

    Pam, I join my voice with you as you "Say NO to abuse".

    1. That's all shades of sickness.

  5. Happy new month, it's my birth month, Yaaaay!

  6. It's possible just like BDSM in adult movies some have a natural craving for it it's just there not mental illness...

  7. I wonder how they feel after beating the woman? Shameless set of people...And most of them are weaklings outside their home...Bunch of local champions

  8. It baffles me how ladies comfortably enjoy being beaten by someone who claims to love them. I can't deal, I'll rather walk away than die in an abusive relationship. Happy new month Pam

  9. HAPPY new month...The only befitting place for guys who hit their wives is....JAIL. that's where he belong. Those ladies you mentioned derived pleasure in been attacked needed to see their doctors.


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