Friday, 7 August 2015


A happy Friday to you all. I know most of us are happy cos the long awaited Friday is here again, so cheers to the weekend.

I woke up today and decided to indulge in Jillian Michael's 6-weeks work-out plan, hmmm, that woman is a murderer. Lol. After the session, I found myself screaming OMG. I haven't recovered from it yet. My friend was just laughing at me all through the training. I don't blame her, that babe can eat anything and still remain slim, if I try it, I'll be in trouble. God help me, I hope I don't stop midway, cos when it comes to work-out, that happens alot. Keeping fit isn't an easy task.

Anyways, you all should have a swell weekend ahead and don't do what I won't do. Lol. Cheers dearies.


  1. Pam Pam...I wish u a splendid weekend ahead. BTW,why was there no tantrum thursday? Se kosi oooo

    1. Thanks dear. My dear, I was so busy yesterday, got home all tired. Sorry darl, it wont repeat itself.

  2. Sorry dear, recover soon. But when you get used to the work out, you won't feel much pain.

  3. Lolz Please continue with the work out o. Am opening a supporters club for you right away.

  4. Happy weekend ahead dearie....

  5. I want to be diligent as per this work out thing. Before I develop Christian mother arm. Lolz

  6. So I would be expecting your before and after pictures

  7. Happy weekend!!

  8. That picture cracked me up mehn....Nne do it now and let your future self thank you.


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