Monday, 31 August 2015

Choose a topic biko.

I have been racking my brain on a topic to give this piece but its been unsuccessful so far, it has given me headache more than the post itself. So please do me the honors of giving it a topic for me. Thanks. #winks.

I really find it difficult in calling my married male friends when its late, sometimes from 8pm upwards. I kinda respect the wife, and its not like I have anything to hide (I'm not dating the men), but I just respect the marriage.

One day, I had something really urgent to discuss with a friend of mine, gosh, it was just few minutes past 8pm. I needed to pass an urgent information across cos the following day would be too late. So I braced up and made the call, I was shocked out of my wits when the wife picked the call. I was stunned, couldn't talk properly cos I was stammering, I managed to introduce myself and then asked after the husband, she affirmed his absence and I thanked her, then cut the call. His wife doesn't know me personally and I prayed she doesn't think I'm a mistress (with the way I talked, me sef I go suspect myself).

In another occasion, I called a colleague who was mobile that stays around my area, to ask him if I could follow him to work, the wife picked and before I knew it, my heart started beating so loudly. I just blabbed something and then cut the call.

When my colleague came to work (I didn't go with him again), he asked me why I cut the call on his wife and it almost led to a little quarrel that morning. You see, when the wife picked, and amidst my racing heart, I managed to hear the wife say something about him not being around and me saying a silent "Ok ma, thank you ma". I apologized about it though, while he laughed it off.

Hey, I'm not guilty of anything and I have nothing to hide, but I don't know why I feel this way. You see, I can never be a mistress, aside the fear of God, the fear of the wife is the beginning of wisdom. Lol. I'm also against that ish. My conscience is as clear as a clean water so it just baffles me atimes.
Does anyone feel this same way too? Lol. Let's talk.

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  1. Hi Pam. You are not alone. Sometimes when I sight a married man I'm acquainted with, my palms become all sweaty, my heart pounds a thousand batallion marching and I have this strangest imagination that if I greet the guy, his wife would suspect me as a mistress. So it happens to the best of us. Nice blog
    Omah Cindy

  2. Seriously can't even give this post a topic myself.. Ehennn I wouldn't even call that's how shy and afraid i am...

  3. Chai...Pam maka why? Seriously there was no need to get fidgety especially when there is nothing going on with the men?
    Nma's Blog 

  4. What topic would I give this post now ooo? Still thinking.....On a serious note Pam, your action would even make the wife suspect something was going on between you too whereas, you have a clean and pure heart. Just be yourself next time a similar thing happens.

  5. Lmfao....Am speechless Pam. Na so I dey give my hubby side eye if I see say his fone rings at night

    1. Ahahahahha Ruth and I can imagine the look on yah face yeye girl...

      Pam give the title "Pammie's Guilty Conscience" kikikikikikiki...why are you afraiding to call them nah? And I wonder why the wives were the ones picking the calls in the first place.

      Pammie next time you will say "Hello Goodmrning, please I would like to speak with Mr so so so. You don't have to say your husband cos she might not be the wife sef. You go just carry eyes comot and don't fidget. Infact gimme all their numbers sef lolz

      Anyways, I understand you. If you ain't comfty calling them, kuku dey call for day time or send an harmless sms

      Thanks for checking on me yesterday. God bless you sweerie...

  6. since you have nothing going on with those men, there was nothing to be afraid about, you knew very well that they are married so answering of phone calls by their wives should be one those things to expect. cheers!!!

  7. title: Stop! do not call my Husband


  8. There's no need to fidget nah. You should speak to them freely since you don't have anything to do with them sexually. Calm down ooo!!

  9. I will give it *A Clear Conscience*. When you call your colleague with a clean mind and the spouse picks, no big deal, start by greeting and asking about the family, then introduce yourself,be bold and don't grasp for words.As a matter of fact i let my wife pick my colleagues' call even when am around.The bottom line is trust and a healthy jealous!


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