Friday, 28 August 2015

Lazy Friday for me.

Its another Friday and the beginning of the weekend, gush, been waiting for this day to come, when I will lean back, sleep in and do movies with my legs up (wake up and go to work cos I work on weekends). But seriously, for you guys who have the weekend to relax and enjoy yourself, do so, life is short.

For this weekend, try and do something new and different. Read a book, go see a movie, try a new recipe, help someone, go out of your comfort zone, try something great, go to church or mosque. And thank me later. *winks.

Today being the last Friday of the month, and last weekend, how great was August to you? Are you preparing for September? I hope September doesn't meet you unprepared . Use this weekend and last days of the month to prepare "September's bed", and you will surely sleep in favor, happiness and all you want and deserve. Happy weekend and I Love you guyz. Muahhh.


  1. Hello Pam, you and anyone interested are invited to read my 30 page free excerpt online - Detailed on For those wanting something different, you will find GRAMMY WEEK very funny and an eye opener as well. I can be reached @ for any questions.

  2. Hmmmm...How time flies. Like seriously? The "ember"months is just around the corner. When did we even wish one another a happy 2015 sef,it was just like yesterday..
    May God perfect all tht concerns me before the end of ths year (Aamin)

  3. Thanks for the tips... Let's see how it goes.
    Happy weekend.

  4. Thanks, I hope I try out your Tips. My blog has taken a lot of my time.

    God surprise me before 31ST August

  5. Yea my August marked a new beginning in my life,

    Took a bold step of accomplishent the journey was not an easy one(yea no good thing comes easy) there were ups nd down
    But I thank God it all ended in praise! Who am I lord that you chose to bless me what started as a dream has turned reality can't praise you enough even if all my body were to be mouth.

    So am walking in dominion into september baba God noni.


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