Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Give it up or it's over...

Over the past couple of weeks, this topic has been calling out to be written, and so today, it will finally get its wish.

Many people dream of the "perfect wedding", the splendour of the church , as guests and family all stare at them in their suits and immaculate white. Ohhh!! That day would be so perfect.

What many women and men forget is what some of us give up for marriage. A friend of mine was getting married and the hubby gave her an ultimatum, "go off social media or no wedding". Was that fair? A male friend of mine said he's fiancée asked him to stop hanging out with his present friends else, she won't marry him. Was that necessary?
Some are asked to reduce their contact with family too. I don't just understand.

Few years ago, a guy was asking me out and before I even agreed to his proposal, he said I'll have to cut my hair, stop putting on trousers and stop making up permanently. When I asked him why, he said since I'll be his wife I don't need people to admire me anymore cos he has "bought" me. O yea... Well, I'm still rocking all of the above cos I refused to be "bought".

Yes, when you've made a choice to settle down with someone, it's either you live with the person's "all", or you find a way to make them better.

The question here is, must we give up things that are important to us all in the name of marriage? Let's gist.


  1. I guess the environment where one lives, and the society plays a great part in these decisions. But at the end of the day, we all want a fresh start, and new beginnings. A compromise on both sides is a good thing, not issuing ultimatums I think.


  2. Ahahahhahaha Pammie so you are still rocking your sokoto

    Well I know some will do anything for love. It's just that if you wanna embark on that marital life with a particular person, you should be sure of what you both want for each other. Sofar its not to the extreme, why not? In marriage, there should be sacrifices and tolerance and since we both know that we ain't perfect, we should learn to tolerate each other provided we are moderate

    How can someone tell me to go off blogosphere? Hian, it taught me too much so I can't just leave. Visits to blogs can reduce so incase Pammie doesn't see me here again hehehehhehe biko, na play oooo

  3. I can't give up my social life for anything. My hubby has learnt to live with my dramatic life. Tho am becoming less dramatic as the year goes by.


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