Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Let's talk superstition.

Many of us must have heard of different superstitions and beliefs over the years. I wonder how many are really true and which one is just to scare us. The Truth is that, superstition has played one role or another in our lives.

As kids, we were made to believe that kicking your left leg/foot meant badluck, and the right foot was your goodluck charm. I did kick my foot this morning, so, am patiently waiting for Prince Charming,(isn't that goodluck?).
Sweeping at night meant doom, you were advised to erase what ever you wrote in the sand at night, lest the spirits not only take away your hand, but your ability to write.

As cultures differs, so do superstitions too. Some cultures believe killing a wall gecko will have you breaking plates often. A crying baby at night was interpreted to mean the child is possessed. How many of us waved at birds and sang "leke leke give me white fingers"? I did. I still haven't gotten the fingers, guess I didn't wave enough.

So let's gist, what are the superstitions you've heard and how has it affected you. Do you believe in superstitions?


  1. Lolz superstition enh. I think some came up cos our parents want us to behave well and do what is right

    If you use umbrella inside the room, rain will fall on your wedding day

    Don't use broom to beat a male child cos his John Thomas will disappear

    Don't whistle cos it will attract snakes

    When your teeth removes add 7 excretes of goat then throw together on the pan or in the river so it will grow back

    If you want your parent to forget about your offence, remove strands of your eye lashes and place on the floor so when they walk across it, they will forget totally. I tried it but no be small beating that day ehn

    Will be back when I remember others

    1. Lol sorry about the beating you got me laughing! PAM PAM! Nwannem nice blog. Jisike

  2. Chincobee I trust you to remember.
    I don't believe in superstition

  3. Naiiii i don't believe in superstition..

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  5. Lol @chinco. The eye brow own, I did try it once, d beatings I got trippled. Good memory.

  6. I remember my mum telling me that if I go too close to a man as a young girl, I'll get pregnant. hahahahahaha

  7. I believe that leke leke stuff and the other one that says if someone crosses you, you will be stunted. The day my sis crossed me and refused to uncross me was the day I stopped growing


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