Thursday, 20 August 2015

Tantrum Thursday.

Hiya lovely people of this humble blog. How una dey? Hope the week is going on fine? If do, doxology, (You remember using that too abii.) Lol.

Anyways, today like every other Thursday is our Tantrum day. A day when we vent about things that pushed us to the wall during the events of the week.

I just have this headache that has been disturbing me for days now, I think it's stress, and I hope it stops, don't want to become sick.
Yesterday evening, enroute home, I stood at the bustop for almost two hours, waiting for bus to take me home, but no bus. The slight rain caused huge traffic and lack of bus. Nawa. That was the longest I had ever waited for bus. When I got a bus, the traffic wasn't beans, I just tire. God help us in this Lagos city.

Your turn:-


  1. Yayyy! I remember the days of 'doxology'. My tantrum is that I've been very busy at work this week. It has not been easy combining office work with blogging. Anyway, God dey! Good afternoon people

  2. That photo got me LMAO!

    On the other hand, I am so tired of my sleep debt already! Got way too much to do but so lil time!
    Nma's Blog 

  3. Hellooooo pam! own tantrum nw is dat i didnt visit dis blog on tym#am angry @ myself…anyways am here 2 stay nw*smiles*

  4. Sorry about the headache, hope you feel better already. One thing I dislike is traffic, so I know how it feels. Hang in there and greetings!

  5. My friend whose wedding is in 2 months time lost her fiancé. I am bereaved.

    They did their intro, registry already. I was planning to buy her asoebi after my birthday. God you know best. *sobs *

  6. Biko take drugs for your headache. it is well with you. for suspense stories

  7. You plan your day before setting out in the morning... at the end of the day, you return only to review your day and discover that you didn't achieve 1/4 of what you planned... This has been my story for the greater part of the week. But I am still happy shaa... God is in control.


  8. As in! Lag traffic is no longer funny. Pam, I think we need to pray to get a car with TV and AC inside so that we could stay in our cars and enjoy the time we spend on the road. What do you think? ;)

  9. Do I have a tantrum to throw? Ok here goes.....
    I have been so busy at work and writing, that I haven't had time to go to a cinema. Also the rains have been disruptive.

    Tantrum over.

    1. Bae I have been looking for u all over cyberspace. So this is where u are, Pam lemme steal him a moment, so he can finish writing Rise of the clans 15.

    2. Pls do. We are all waiting for ROTC 15.
      Thanks for stopping by though.


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