Monday, 17 August 2015

Push yourself, don't be limited.

A beautiful Monday to you all my lovely Pamscribers, hope you all are doing great. I want to let you know that you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be, don't you ever see or think yourself as less, you are more.
Yes, ugly things happen in life and you wonder if you ever deserve the best or even worth the best. My dear, just like the picture shows, you are jellof rice. Get it stuck into your brain. You are the best of your kind. Scream it out loud till it's stuck.

I have a problem with moving on, but you know what, when I eventually do so, I don't look back and I ensure I shoot/reach for the best. I'm working on that area of my life cos I'm not perfect, nobody is, and I know I'll get better. So you see, look for that weak point of yours, work on it and then bounce back better, stronger and higher.

Giving up is not an option you know, I particularize on this cos I'm also talking to myself here too. I've been so busy and going through some things, the thought has crept in, yes, the thought about giving up. I've thought about putting a pause/stop on blogging too cos I sometimes struggle to come up with posts. But I really had a re-think about it, I've been blogging for almost eight months and it's now part of me, I love blogging and I have to push. Blogging is me, so I have to do what I love doing best.

No matter what happens in life despite being lost or distracted, we need to push forward. Don't just settle for less, reach for the moon, push yourself to attain the best, don't get stuck in a place or in the past. Know what you stand for, let people see it in you. Don't allow the circumstances that surrounds you control who you are, instead control the circumstances. Take the wheel, take charge, and ask God to grant you wisdom and keep directing your path. Stay blessed and have a blissful week ahead. Love you all.

I want to remind you all that Pammie's crib still operates the same schedule, no much changes though. So to the newbies in the house.Here goes:

Monday- It's Pammie's Crib face of the week. Here, we feature our lovely readers to grace our pages with their lovely selves. I'll like to add that if you have someone important to you who you'll want us to feature here, just send me an email with the pictures and a little profile of yourself or the person. Don't be shy joor, crawl out of your shells and show us how good looking you are, cos we all are.

Tuesday - Guest-Post Tuesday. It's open to everyone. Here, we give room for people to send in mails about issues they need advises and opinions on, and we help them out.

Thursday: Tantrum Thursday. This is a where we vent out what had angered us during the course of the week. Instead of bottling them all in, we throw it out here. Vent it out here.

Sunday- This was initially a story Sunday, but pending when stories start flowing again, I'll have to change it to Inspiration Sunday which maybe inform of pictures or in plain write-up.

So send in all the inspiring pictures you have on your phones and laptops, or any inspiring message to my email address, Also send in mails for our Guest-Posts Tuesday, (Tomorrow is Tuesday, will be waiting for your mails. Thanks.) .
Do you also have any post to share with the house, send it in too.
Tell someone to tell someone to visit Pammie's Crib. Spread the word, Pammie's Crib is in town. God bless us all.


  1. Good stuff, do have a great week and best wishes!

  2. I wish u a blessed new week dear and thanks for the words of inspiration.

  3. Sweerie it is well. May God help us!!!

    Biko me no trip for jollof rice. Fried rice all the way.

  4. I see You! JELLOF RICE.

  5. Nice job Pam, may God take you to greater heights..

  6. the best place to find motivation is within yourself...push yourself.

  7. sumptuous image. very tempting to start salivating hmm


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