Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Where do broken hearts go???

I was listening to Whitney Houston's "Where do broken hearts go", and it kept me thinking. Though I can't remember if I've shared this, but I'll share it again.

I couldn't move on for 3years after a heartbreak, couldn't date anyone else. I was a big mess. Part of the reason was that I tried fighting the tears and I kept blaming myself. Though I deleted his contact from all my social handles, I kinda still stalked him on Facebook. Lol.

One of those stalking days, I saw his wedding invitation card, and later on his wedding pictures, then I thought I would die. My dam broke, I cried and cried, but I guess my healing started after that. I'm stronger now cos I didn't die then.

That heartbreak was legendary cos I told myself never to love again or even give love a blink of an eye but who was I kidding, love rules. Love is still the healing balm. Broken hearts don't go anywhere, they are healed by love. God's love, self-love and love from that special someone. That's the way I see it though.

So you see, let it all out. Break that dam early, cry it all out and breath in the relief. Let love heal that broken heart. No one says it's gonna be easy, but the healing will eventually come. Ciao.


  1. A really wonderful post, thanks for sharing that. Moving on can be hard, but its the only way to grow.

  2. I was in the same situation back in Uni. I later got over it . cos I realized it wasn't worth it.

  3. Love is strong, am glad u muvd on stronger..... Yes u av to...

    But yet, open ur heart up n be loved as much as u love...


  4. I have been in your shoes before and I can say it's really crazy!!! I don't wanna experience it again!!!

    Good you learnt to move on


  5. I am happy you were able to overcome it and move on. Interesting read.


  6. Sometimes, it feels that you were hit by armoured tank, but all the same, I must move on.... . Agbara


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