Sunday, 2 August 2015

Thankful Sunday!!!

For He shall give His angels charge over you, to guide you in all your ways... 

Happy Sunday to you all, hope you all are doing great this first Sunday. I'm being thankful today for ushering us into this month of August and for what he has done so far in our lives. My dearies, it's  not easy to see January to this moment. Quite alot of people saw the beginning of the year but they ain't with us this day. What am I even saying, a lot of people saw yesterday but they didn't see today, it's not by our power but because of His tender mercies, loving kindness and most especially His GRACE. Thank you Lord. 

I'm thankful for life, for hope of tomorrow, for family and friends, most especially for saving me from an almost tragic Keke accident yesterday evening. Instead of finding myself head first into the gutter, I found myself on the other side. Yes I was injured, but who knew what would have happened had it been I hit my head in the gutter. God forbid. I thank HIM for who HE is and what he has done. 

What are you thankful for??? Let's thank the Lord!!!


  1. His name would forever be praised ...

  2. Thank God for protection.
    I am grateful for the past 7 months . I thank God for life, for my family, my blog.

  3. I thank God for a perfect health and sound mind. Na my God sure pass

  4. Seeing January till date no be beans. We can't stop thanking him cos we will witness more fruitful years ahead

    Pam Pam how are you???

    1. I'm getting better dear. Keke can't kill me

  5. I'm thankful for my family, most especially for my Son who has never taken me to the hospital since I gave birth to him. May His name be praised

  6. God is indeed too faithful to fail. I and my family have enjoyed his faithfulness.

  7. God is indeed too faithful to fail. I and my family have enjoyed his faithfulness.

  8. I am really thankful to god for good health and saving myself and family. We had a great Sunday..
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