Saturday, 22 August 2015


We are what we are in the confines of our rooms. When in a gathering and alcohol is served, once a person says he/she doesn't drink, that person is termed a "born again" or spoil-sport. So I normally ask, Is drinking of alcohol a religious thing or a personal thing?

Many of us individuals are plagued with one addiction or another. From smoking, drinking, gambling, internet, sex, etc. I heard a male friend say smoking in the toilet helps him do his stuff better (can anyone verify that?), And he smokes nothing less than 3 packs a day. I asked him if he will ever stop this habit, all he said was that he has become addicted to it and may find it difficult to stop it. O yea.
One thing some of us forget is that we are slaves to our addictions. It cages and keeps the person in a place where the person finds it difficult to crawl out of, except through strong intervention.

Whenever I go out and order for a soft-drink, my friends immediately ask if I've repented or something. Haba, can't a lady drink soft drinks in peace again without that question coming up? Nawa.

Anyways, whatever you do, do it in moderation else it turns to addiction. How's your weekend going? Enjoy.


  1. A great reminder indeed, nice weekend!

  2. I am addicted to the Internet. If there is no Internet on my phone, I feel sick. I am very serious. Lolz

    My weekend is cool. My mum is around, na to just sick her breast remain

  3. Hmmmm i am addicted to my fone.. Can i ever be able to do without my fone, Internet hmmmm i doubt.. Honestly i have to work on myself... Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Nice one..C0041B71B pls vote for me on this channel contestant number 42..God bless

  5. This is a nice reminder for the weekend. There is virtue in the middle, don't do anything to either of the two extremes..


  6. Moderation; easier said than done... anyways, that's why it is addiction in the first place.

  7. I have no not the kind of person that will die on top one matter.

  8. Is Alabekee even addicted to anything? Not sure! Thanks for the reminder

  9. I am addicted to writing about penis. smh!

    1. I haven't read a penis story from you for a while now. Please please grace us with one NSG
      Omah Cindy

  10. am so addicted 2 my fone cant do witout it

  11. I am addicted to watching football and writing!

  12. wat a great reminde.


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