Thursday, 25 June 2015

Tantrum Thursday!!!

Hiya dearies, how are you all doing? As for me, I've not been feeling to well and it's affecting my Vacation. Hmm, catarrh, cough, gbogbo e (hope I spelled it well). See me that's scared of drugs, swallowing it like water. Nawaoo. I'm healed in Jesus name, Amen.

Today is our tantrum Thursday, so what's that thing that angered you this week, you should pour it out here and walk away relieved.

My own tantrum is for this cold to leave me oo, I can't spend my leave indoor and shaking. I know I'll be better soon shaa.
The bus zoomed off without the driver giving me my change again. I blame myself though for getting down before he could give it to me. I just stood with my outstretched hand waiting for my change, before I could say "Jack", the driver zoomed off. Can you imagine? What if the change was the only cash I relied on to get to my destination? God is watching them all.

So how has your week been so far? Anything you need to tell us? We are all ears.


  1. Eeeeeya.....Ndo, Pele..I wish u a swift recovery dear. Which kain yeye cold be dat one nau?
    Hmmmm...why won't the price of pepper and tomatoes go down already?
    I bought 100naira tomatoes and 200naira pepper on Monday, I wanted to use it to prepare efo riro(veggies) na by fire by force e take comot for grinding machine...Hian!

    I cannot even garnish my noodles with tomatoes and pepper these days unlike b4 or will I now spend a huge sum of money on tomatoes and pepper bcos I want to enjoy my to Negodu ooo

  2. Hello, do get well soon. Best wishes.

  3. tantrums for now,but grateful to God bet3ween this one we had light for 7hour s today hope Nepa is not tryna play smart on me

  4. @jummy those traders will continue to attribute it to the fasting

    @Pam pele ooooo, I think it's the weather. Even in my office, our sickbay is full. A lot of staff seem to be under the weather

    My own tantrum was that some days ago, the accountant said he won't sign for overtime after we came to work on democrazy day. Can u imagine? Naso I go tell my oga oooo....why did should they ask us to come if they know they won't pay? He now said ts a normal day's work. I now asked him that why then do we have to send memo to tell people to come if it was normal?
    He now concluded that our office didn't declare it even though federal government declared it. I knew he was saying nonsense cos he doesn't knw the implication!!!!

    Anyway my oga have dragged him to pay so he is paying....

  5. Get well soon dear.. @Jummy pepper and tomatoes matter dey for God hand o.

  6. So, where have you been kwanu? abi the cold still hold you?

  7. i just neeed to sit and read my books


  8. Get well soon mami.
    My tantrum for today is NEPA give us light o..hehe


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