Thursday, 11 June 2015

Tantrum Thursday.

Hiya to you all my sweetness. Pamela o ti de oo. I'm back with a bang, no more disappearing and reappearing by God's grace. That thing which kept me really busy for sometime now has been concluded, and yes, I promised to let you all know what it was, don't worry in due time you all will know. #shines teeth. Ejoo, biko, please and please again, vex not for me. The situation was beyond my control, I just had to handle it abeg.
So today like we all know is our Tantrum Thursday. A day where we vent out our tantrums/anger on issues that has affected us during the week. Do not bottle it all up, rather pour it all out here.

As for me, I don't think I have anything to vent about, rather than my rechargeable fan wey I dey use hold body whenever NEPA them starts showing themselves, don spoil. I t spoilt last night oo, nawa, I really don't know what happened. I've been vexing since oo, but I hope the problem will be rectified, if not the seller go hear am for my hand cos it's not upto two months I bought it. Mtchwww.

Abeg, how do I handle spammers? It's getting too much. These anonymous people filling the spam is now too annoying. I've deleted almost 10 today. Biko, someone should tell me what to do about this. Thanks.

Aside that, I think I'm really cool. These past two weeks have been so beautiful to me, coupled with the fact that I met some awesome ladies, and I know this is off topic but I really want to acknowledge them.

This is to you guys,  Ayo, Timma, Nk, Chi, Dinma, Ify and all. I love and will miss you all. Cheers to you all and keep on being awesome. E-hugs and E-kisses.

Oyaa back to tantrum. What's yours?


  1. Thank God we fully have you back now.. Am vexing real bad lost one so precious to me. Don't know why a 29yr old boy that is so crazy about God, that can sing to save a life will just passed on like that.. Just consoling myself that angels probably don't live here.

  2. my landlady is vexing me....i will deal with her

    1. Eehh Bola, biko do take it easy. This people can be so annoying, I don't want to start my own gist now abeg.

  3. Come aunty Pam! you are skipping something! What is it that you have been postponing to tell us? hmm i abi is it time to eat rice? tell me so that i can take purge melecine [ogwu afo].In fact na my own tantrum and ranting be that!

  4. hahaha @Iyke, it isn't that one oo. Don't worry, when that one comes, I'll even give you the ogwu afo sef. Lolz

  5. My tantrum is on that thing that kept you away and you still wanna keep us in suspense...

    U and Nepa, you berra free them

    Thank God you are back

  6. For the spammers! Nothing can be done the best way is yo keep ignoring and delete all when you are less busy...welcome back to the


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