Friday, 12 June 2015


TGIF beloved Pamscribers, how una dey? Mehn, I've been sleeping since morning cos I'm so tired, waking up and leaving the house sef na war. This is the time I really appreciate my childhood, basically nothing to worry about. 

The irony back then was we really yearned to be grown ups so badly, but now, here I am really wishing to be a child. Humans are so insatiable.#shakeshead.

So,  what plans do you have for this weekend? Any Owanbe things? Clubbing, parting or Vigil? Abeg, if you do have, please do enjoy it biko. All work and no play makes jack a...... As for me, I'm going to work, sleep, wake, eat. Believe me, that is how the order is.
Do share with us what you'll be doing this weekend cos I really want to know. #winks.
So to my other Pamscribers who don't know that I'm back, this is to tell you that Pamela o ti de oo. I'm back biko, start coming. Lolz.

Do have a blissful, beautiful and blessed weekend. Muaahh.


  1. Hello, do enjoy and have a fun weekend!

  2. No plans for the weekend yet oooo.

  3. I am going to the beach with friends tomorrow. choooii!! its goon be fun all the way. So Pam, trust me to enjoy my weekend...and biko enjoy yours too. **flashes 32**

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  4. shopping spree weekend preparation for ramadan

  5. Weekend will be fun cos some friends plan visiting me.


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