Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Cry against rape!!!

Over the past weeks, the incessant reports and incidents of rape has been on the increase. I read a pathetic story recently about a five year old being raped by a forty-five year old man. Pls help me ask, what is in the body of a five year old girl? No greater justice would be as fair than the cutting of the penis of any man convicted of rape. Many men as a defence, would name the devil as the instigator and one that coerced them to doing the crime. Na the devil close your ears to that girl's plea and cries?

Many women have been known to have a bull's eye on their body saying "I'm for the taking". Their clothing or lack of it acts like a calling card to any would-be rapist. In as much as I tell ladies to dress decently cos of these insane people, that doesn't make them marked to be raped? No woman wants to be raped. The mental trauma is not even wished on my worst enemy.

I went to a birthday party for a six year old and I was shocked at what I saw. Little girls were wearing skimpy skirts that would make a priest blush. I overheard a girl singing the chorus to a Wizkid's song,"...I want your body sleeping in my bed". Haba!! what body kwa!! Please, paedophiles exist, parents should be mindful of the clothes they put on their kids. These maniacs feeds their dirty minds on those things.

Yes, times have changed and children ain't babies anymore. Is that enough reason for them to be raped? Yes their clothes and "swag" bespoke of maturity, but under those linen, an innocent child resides, scared, fragile and dependent on us as adults to protect, guide and guard them. When we do the opposite, how do we want them to trust us? Its time we take our kids as what they are, kids. Let's protect them, let rape and rapist pay dearly for crimes against not only the child, but against children and humanity. Thank God for the bill about to the passed, let these rapists be punished dearly. I have said my mind.


  1. Indeed it is a terrible thing that must be condemned by all, and more awareness is needed, as well as better protection for victims who come forward.
    How are you? Do have a good week.

  2. Well written... I could read the pain or is it anger embedded in each word... Let's he that has ears hear.

  3. Pat, you wrote it out right. I have never stopped talking about this issue. I just hope the bill is not brushed under the carpet as they usually do.

  4. If only people were more aware and alert....**sigh**

  5. Very well written......I wonder what those agbaya men see in children? How can a man of forty five rape a five year old girl? It means that he is sick in the head,these kind of people should be severely dealt with,the best punishment is to castrate such men

  6. In some areas in s'africa, ladies wear tight jeans with strong belt to avoid rape.

    Creat the awareness among the ladies, i think it would help if they learn to cut some of their practices.

    We wait the bill!

  7. Thank you for this Pam, this pedophile thingy scares the hell outta me...some men are just beast I swear.

  8. Pam u have said it all.. Rapist need a very severe punishment.. Your are talking about 5&6 years old. I heard a 2,-yr - old being raped. So tell me was it her dressing? Am not against a decently dressed sermon, but am of the opinion that a lot of men have to go seek psychological attention.


  9. So true rape cases is on the increase, no day will pass by without issue of rape being reported. I hope the Government execute the laws accordingly


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