Sunday, 21 June 2015

Ohhh! This cold Sunday!!!

Happy very cold Sunday my dearest Pamscribers. May we remain blessed today and always.

This cold is really not for kids and not for singles at all. #sideeyes at the married ones. I'm seriously still covering myself with the blood of Jesus oo, cos this weather is indeed for two.

I've been coughing since morning. You know that annoying cough that will keep on tingling your throat and won't just stop. Chai, it's so annoying, couldn't even go to church today cos of it. I really want it to stop soon biko.

So, how has your Sunday been so far? How was service today? To our Muslim people, how's the fasting going? Please, we all shouldn't forget to put our great nation in our daily prayers. Let there be peace in our land and good things should locate us all. Amen.

Do have a lovely and great week ahead. And eehmm, Pam is going on that vacation but in a low key, her leave starts tomorrow. #winks. I'm so feeling fly. #dancingskelewu. See ya. Muahhh.


  1. Happy Sunday dear i have a cold too guess it's the weather..
    Wow happy vacation.

  2. Am so loving the weather. E dey do me like say na yankee I dey lol

  3. Enjoyment babe

    Sorry about the cough. Hope you have used something.pls use our drugs so they can pay me salary -Coflax with codeine

    This weekend rain and cold is first class menh

  4. my bleaching cream will work like madt! yaaay

  5. Eyaaaa kpele my dear. Yes I went to church last Sunday and it was awesome!


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