Saturday, 20 June 2015

This rain is not for kids oo.

Lo and behold, the rains have descended in Lagos. As if, chained and imprisoned, it broke free today and alas, sweet freedom. The rainy seasons is here. Get your raincoats, umbrellas, and whatever apparel you do use in this season. 

For today, this rain showed me the goodness of the Lord all over my body. The thunder clap and lightening still shakens me. I'm so drenched. Hmmm, it's well. The seat I took in the bus was an apology. A pool of rain water lay on a vacant seat. My shoulder was collecting water, like a dripping faucet. My complaints to the conductor fell on deaf ears. I bore my frustration stoically. I will drive my own car one day shaa.  

Truly, if I were to chose between the wet and dry seasons, I still like the rainy season. Light or no light, the weather is cold, but the problem is the constant rain falling at the wrong time and the flood that comes with it. 
For us single ladies and men, I beseech thee, don't use the cold weather to do bad. Remember, weather for two, pregnancy for one. Choose wisely. As for me, I cover myself with the Blood of Jesus. Lolz. 

Do have a blessed weekend. E-hugs and E-kisses.


  1. Weather for two pregnancy for one. Lmao

  2. Hmmm....Pam Pam, I too dey gbadun u. Don't worry, u shall ride your own car soonest. It isn't only u that loves the rainy season, me likey it too....person body go just dey koole dey go

  3. My main challenge with the weather is that the cloths I washed never dries... Still I love the weather.

  4. Best weather, cuddling all day long, but the rain deprived me of going for my facials, oops !

  5. Pam if you see the kain rain wey beat me today in computer village ehn? Chai no be here

    I was shivering like a roasted chicken!!!

    The rain no do me well at all

    1. Chai...the way u are sounding the rain no mercy you ooo Chai ndo next time wear raincoat lolz...

    2. Sorry dear. We r victims of the rain. Hmm.


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