Friday, 19 June 2015

TGIF/Pics attached.

Hiya people, I'm really happy today and seriously counting down to my leave, Yippy. I can't just wait. As for the vacation, I'll just have to improvise just like Chinco bee advised. #shinesteeth.
I don't know if I'm the only one but has anyone of you noticed that the closer your leave gets, the weaker you are to go to work. This happens to me alot. Lolz.

But waitoo, why do some people like swearing. In the bus today while going to work, the conductor and passenger started their own. The lady started the abuse and kinda called the conductor a bastard, that was actually a grave mistake cos the conductor launched at her and if not that she dodged and also othe passengers held him, that blow would have landed her in the hospital.

I find it gross when people call each other 'bastard' or say things like 'your father or mother'. A lot of people I know often joke with that but i really don't like it. Becareful of who you talk to like that cos they may not like it, and even if it's a joke, they may not get the joke either. So, let's all be wise biko.

Anyways, do have a beautiful weekend. So I decided to show you my today's look for your eyes only. Please, don't show it to someone else abeg. Lolz. And ehmm, I ain't a lekpa. Lolz.


  1. Ghen! Ghen! U are foine Pam Pam
    This your pose no be here oooo

  2. You are fine like pretty.. how are you doing?


    Sha lemme chop out of yah leave money!!!!!

    1. Yesoo, na me dey here oo. Lolz.
      Hmm, leave money wey don finish. These people had to pay me since last month. Isn't dat wickedness to humanity? Mtchww.

  4. People do that most times unknowingly because it is part of them. The environment and societal factor play a greater part in this. for instance you can't live in lagos without been frustrated one day with those kind of things it is what people do around. nice weekend.

  5. Cursing is not good. Funnily, the drama you narrated that happened in the bus is just typical of Lagos.
    Have a curse and swear free

  6. You be orobo and you come short.
    Abeg hit the gym during your vacation bikonu

  7. You look great dear. And are beautiful. Curvy is the new sexy.

  8. At last I get to see what you look like, you are beautiful Nne but do not stop working out cos I knw, you've always wanted to burn some fat.

  9. You look Africanly gorgeous, Pam. Lovely lady.
    Visit DNB Stories Africa

  10. I have known Pam since our early teens, we sat side by side in class, she is not short, rather, it is is either the camera man is tall or he raised his hands up and snapped the picture.

    You are looking great, enjoy your leave dear. Agbara Reginald


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