Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Dreams and meaning.

Hallos everyone in da house. How far na? Una dooo.
Today is supposed to be our guest-post Tuesday but no mail came in. I really hope we have mails in the soon coming weeks.

Nevertheless, there's something I want to ask the house. Do you believe in dreams and their interpretations? Some of my friends do not believe in it while some do. Let me just cut to the chase.
Yesterday, a friend of mine (who doesn't believe in dreams) came to me really confused. She said that she has a function that needs her attention by next month, and she has been preparing for it for long now, only for her mum to call her and tell her about a dream she(mum) had about her (my friend).

According to her mum, she had two dreams that same night. In the first dream my friend traveled for the function but didn't make it to her destination. In another dream, she made it back but was never the same again. The mum was so scared and begged her not to go. She just waved it off but told her mum she'll pray about it but will still travel.

But the thing is, that dream is kinda scaring her. She really needs to go for that function, but this dream has brought fear into her. Although, she thinks her mum made it up so she won't travel, but she still has this fright in her. She asked for my opinion but I decided to bring it to the house.
So what do you guyz think? What will be your advice to her. Please let's help her out cos she'll be reading this post. She's really confused and really scared at the moment.
Thanks my lovelies. Cheers.


  1. Sincerely I don't attach much importance to dreams but there are people you believe in the manifestation of their dreams

    Over the years,they have given prior importance to their dreams cos it always come true....Atleast they know themselves better. If I have a good dream I claim it but if otherwise, I pray against it...

    I love fantasies ehn lolz

  2. Well sometimes dreams could be true, its a gift for some people because it helps them forsee things that will happen later, its good she just adhere to what her mum said or just be prayerful and go

  3. Dreams is one of the ways God speaks to his children. So it depends on the dreamer. Have God always passed a message through your dreams? If yes she should quit the journey or pray very well for a confirmation..


  4. Whether she believes in dreams or not doesn't matter but to be on the safe side, she shouldn't go. Better safe than sorry


  5. I agree with Mo ... She should not go

  6. I agree with Mo ... She should not go

  7. Sometimes the dream may refer to someone else, it's not necessary you. It depends on the person. Does her dream come thru ?
    My mummy had a terrible dream about hubby she called us to pray, 2wks after her father figure died. You see how the dream came
    Sometimes our mothers do that purposely.


  8. For people like us that doesn't believe in dreams. .
    They are jus what happens at our subconscious state while we slp. ..I don't attach much meaning to it. Years back while I was in my finals, i had a nearly real looking dream dat my mum died, it's bn 3yrs nw nd shs still xtra healthy. ..so what im saying in essence z dat I dnt believe doz tinz....go for ya function gal


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