Thursday, 4 June 2015

Tantrum Thursday.

Hehehehe, Tantrum Thursday o ti de oo. Yes and yes, I'm guilty as charged even before prosecution. I'm so so sorry for everything. I yaf abandoned una small, biko no vex. Like I promised, I'll let you all know what the causer is soonest. #sideseyesateveryone.

Ok, let's go there. What do I have to tantrum today? I feel blocked, like really blocked, and I've been like this for a week. This hasn't happened before, atleast not this long, maybe 2 or 3 days, but never this long before. I've been going through a lot of stress lately, coupled with that thing that is taking my time, could that have been the cause? Abeg, I really need to come back on board cos at the moment, I really feel naked.

Today, something really happened to me and I'm so sad, still am. I thought I was perfecting my skills on something, only for me to flop, yes I flopped just like that and have to wait till Monday to perfect it. Chai, e pain me no be small. I'm really holding my tears cos of where I am, if not I would have broken down in heavy tears. Where is my masculine side when I need it the most, I'm only human that's why I feel this way, but I got to be strong and come Monday by God's grace, I have to be more than perfect, Lolz. So help me God.

I don't think I have any other thing to rant about, so what's yours. Let's roll. #winks.


  1. Hello, keep giving it all your best and you will overcome. Best wishes!

  2. Something big is cooking i guess.. nothing new to rant about Jare..

  3. Stll this fuel ish ooo. Wetin sef? Cant there just be fuel the way it has always been? What is the causer of this fuel scarcity sef? For how long wld one go on buying black market? O ti su mi

    Am glad that Nepa has improved lately abi na becos they wan bring bill?
    I thank Baba God for sending rain to my area . Bad belle pple don free d rain,well,na Baba God power pass their own

    Pam Pam, it is well with u dear

  4. Pele oooo Pam

    Am too tired to type sef...

    I opened the tab since and forgot to drop a comment. No Tantrums

    It is well

  5. nothing to rant about jawe,i am so happy ,i just dey fet alert # Godwin
    plus its my anniversary

  6. pams dear, u ll get there jes push harder, am tired of ranting for lack of power supply jawe


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