Thursday, 18 June 2015

Thursday Tantrum.

Good day to the awesome Pamscribers, and welcome to TANTRUM THURSDAY. Do I still need to explain what we do today? Ok, to the new comers in the house, today is the day we all throw tantrums about issues that have angered us within the week. What is that thing that has made you swell like agege bread and puff-puff, this is the time to voice it out loud.
My turn;

Please, who are all these anonymous faces spamming my blog biko nu? They are beginning to get on my nerves, infact, they have already gotten there. I delete a lot in a day, Gosh, they should just leave me alone.
No, I don't need a penis enlargement cos I'm a lady. I don't want to bleach either cos I like my skin the way it is, neither do I want to ejaculate by command. WTH is all these? Biko, you all should pardon my swearing cos I'm really angry and also today is tantrum's day so swearing and cussing is allowed. Please, if anyone knows how I'll handle this spam messages better, please, help a sister in need abeg.

I'm sure some of you have taken your time to look for an apartment in Lagos. Anyways, I kinda assisted a friend in getting an apartment, and most of the houses the agent showed us were so horrible that you'll begin to appreciate the mud houses you see in the village. And please, how can someone build a house of 2 or 3 bedroom flat, with only one exit? So, if you have a visitor in the palour and need to take out the trash or want to spread the washed clothes outside, you have no choice but to follow the sitting-room, nawa. God forbid, but what if there was any accident and you need an emergency exit or another door to get out, what will happen in that situation? These people should just be considerate and do the right thing. Just because they wouldn't be the ones to live in the house shouldn't make them build anything just in the name of building.

Please, I don't even have the strength to talk about the kitchens cos they are worse and so cramped up. If you have a big cooking gas like my friend, be ready to cook outside. The rent money they were calling for such places even got me more pissed off. I was so angry with what they were showing us that I had to give up going with my friend for the search. Lagos houses nawa.
Let me stop here for now, till next week Thursday. Your TURN:


  1. Hmmmm Pam about the spam mails, don't know if anybody gets the amount of spam mail i get daily. The story is almost the same how that somebody died and left a huge amount behind bla bla. Mitcheeeeew

  2. Well mine is that pepper is now expensive and I find it hard eating food that doesn't have pepper, I will throw up

    Our coop society decided to buy us coolers as gifts....what should I do with cooler? Or how will I carry it home? Can't they buy better things other than this load????

    Will come read later biko, need to go for meeting

  3. Lolz. I receive those kinds of mails and they are so embarrassing.

  4. Just yesterday,I wanted a friend of mine who is also a Telemundo fan to gist me about the previous episodes of some of the soaps that I have missed due to PHCN ish. She began to tell me how she has also not been watching for a while...I asked her why cos its really unusual of her, she started to narrate to me how her bro in law was missing(he is an officer), he was sent to Borno state with some other soldiers to kill Boko Haram members but unfortunately for him and six other soldiers, they were captured by BH.

    The fear now is that they don't know if he is still alive or dead, I pray he is still very much alive o. They've spent so much money on clerics and pastors, they keep assuring them that he is still very much alive that he is in Sambisa Forest, meanwhile BH released a video some weeks back mentioning the names of the soldiers that they have killed,this man's name was mentoned and his ID card was even displayed by them.

    Please help say a word of prayer for him that may God touch the hearts of these wicked pple and make them to release him and his colleagues cos they went for a good cause

    1. My dear, God will do His wonders in this case. These evil men will be put to book by God's grace. Amen. Our heartfelt condolences to the family.

    2. My dear, God will do His wonders in this case. These evil men will be put to book by God's grace. Amen. Our heartfelt condolences to the family.

  5. i receive all that spam in my yahoo mail,
    lagos houses na real wa,i remember when we were kooking for house,you go see some houses you go throw up
    i need money to buy loubs shoes....

  6. that pepper ish i bought 500 naira pepper it was as if i bought 100 naira pepper,i had to use tomatoe paste,hian na to dey cook egusi oo.i don shatter egusi for house todsay

  7. Lagos houses are the worst if you're on a budget. See ehn this city is a ripoff!


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