Monday, 15 June 2015

My Vacation Fantasy.

Hallos darlings, hope you all are doing great this beautiful Monday morning. As for me, I still balance well for my bed, night duty things again. So while you guys were running around to work, I was jumping on my bed to sleep. Yes na, by the way you people were sleeping while my eyes were wide open all through the night. So it's your turn now. #tongueclicks.

So you see, my leave starts in a weeks time (yippy), finally going to rest, though I splitted it shaa, but abeg I need that rest before una go hear say I Don break down. The thing is that I've been having this really sexy vacation fantasy for sometime now. It goes thus:

I lodge into a really classy hotel fully paid for 5 days. Proximity to a big pool, the beach and cinema. So this is how my day goes:
I wake up really late in the morning, Bath, visit the spa for some killer massage,  (believe me, I really need that, my muscles are so stiff, Chai ). I come back to my room and order for room service. 
After eating, I rest a bit, then dress in my swim wear and go for a swim, play around the pool for sometime before I go back to my room.

In the early evening, I visit the cinema for a movie, and after that, I stroll back to my hotel room, order for a good bottle of Andre or a fine bottle of red wine, go to the bathroom and soak myself in a warm water-filled bathup while sipping my drink from the bottle, (yes oo, forget the cup, bottle straight). I stay in there as long as I can, thinking about nothing but the moment I'm in and you know what, I'll damn enjoy it.

This is just how a day out of the five will be, other days will be duly taken care of and dancing would be included. #winks.
Believe me, this sounds way more sexy in my brain, than when I write it down. You really need to be in my brain now, eehh, please don't oo, my brain and it's private thoughts are for me alone biko.
Please don't blame me, a gal has to dream big and fantasise once in a while. So that's me really hoping that my leave will be da bomb, but incase my little salary won't afford that, someone please suggest how I'll really enjoy this leave biko. I don't want to be bored just like last year again. Thanks in advance. Cheers. Muahh.


  1. Pam Pam, na enjoyment you dey oo. I envy u oo.
    You really need this vacation dear,pls enjoy it while it last

  2. Funny you. So tell me how much you want to spend and lets plan it.

    1. Thanks dear. Abeg, let's not start talking money here. Call me, let's talk. Lol.

  3. You have seen a lot of oyinbo film ...

  4. That your fantasy go make sense. Big girl things. .na your pocket go suffer

  5. Hehehe. . . Pat, can I borrow your fantasty? lool. But you never know, "All things are possible to those who believe. "

    1. U r free dear, nd I do believe. Nne, it's Pam darl.

  6. Keep dreaming. It does come true. Am talking from experience. People that don't have dreams don't go far in life. The people doing that don't have 7 heads. If that's what you want, keep dreaming, it will come true for you. It might not be all but most. Dreaming is like having faith in what you want. Dream and pray for what you want. Its not a crime.Am living some of my dreams even when i laughed when people laughed cos some sounded funny but they came to past. Have a nice vacation and stay blessed.

  7. Ahahahahahahaha

    Pammy Pammy, this your fantasy make sense gan. As simple as it sounds, it's obvious your intestines know what is good for them.....

    Biko, no waste your leave allowance finish but atleast give yourself a nice treat. U don't have to go for too expensive hotel even if it's for 3days, it's not bad!!!

  8. my dear if you've got the money. I'd say go on and live ur dreams


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