Saturday, 6 June 2015

Men and cheating.

Appy Saturday my lovelies, waddup? Ok, I was going through all the blogs I've missed in the past week while thinking about what to write today, then I stumbled upon a discussion on men cheating and how it's not a big deal. Scrolling through the comments, some people where really capitalising on how men cheating isn't a big deal and how it's a man's world and how the society has made it so, I just shook my head in disbelief, but bam I got my inspiration for this post.

To the guys, please forgive me in advance cos I may be on the attack here. Lolz. Also kindly note that I'm not in support of anyone cheating.

The question is, what's the difference between when a guy cheats and when a woman cheats? What's the justification there if the guy is allowed to cheat?

I once overheard a man saying that he can cheat as much as he likes and doesn't care if his woman knows about it, but if he dares catches her cheating, she's out of his house for good, cos she's a disgrace. She is a disgrace right? Then what are you supposed to be called, saying your vows but end up pulling your shorts for any Jane, Pat, and Sandra you see. Do you ever think that the same feeling you get when you find out that your wife cheated on you is the same feeling she gets when she knows you are cheating on her, even worse.

Most women bear their men cheating, and the painful part is some of these men don't even care to hide it or even get protected only to end up infecting their innocent wife if not worse. Some women receives calls and threats from these so called mistresses, but they still stay in that marriage deep in tears. And there they tell me it's a man's world. Some woman believe in tit for tat. It's not as if they can't cheat but they have their pride to protect and it isn't right. Believe me, you men may think you can cheat and never be caught, a woman can too, so stop giving me that shit of "its a man's world" and the society has made it so. Women just tend to turn a blind eye towards certain things.

Yes you guys are polygamous in nature, what was allowed was for you to marry as many as you can if your belief approves it, that is different from cheating, instead your want to eat your cake and have it. What a shame.
Yes again, some men say the ladies are the temptress who seduce them into cheating, but the truth is there is actually a word called "NO".

Salute to the faithful men and women out there, especially the men, God bless you all. To the cheaters, think about your wife and turn a new leave please. Stop seeing our ignorance as stupidity and do the right thing. 
Una well done oo and do have a blast.

Biko,  where una run go? Pammie's Crib is back with a bang. Please come back abeg.  Lolz. 


  1. Infact some men think cheating is an inalienable right . they exercise it at will without even be thinking of their partner.

  2. I also wanna know why it is safe for men to cheat and women cant

  3. you have said it all Pams, wat is good for the goose is good for the ganders

  4. Pamela, I Love this post, just that it made me Speechless!

  5. Hmmmmmm! Don't think that a reasonable husband will cheat on his wife that is satisfyingly loyal to him!

  6. Ahan, how did you and Sweet Glo post the same thing today? The spirit is indeed one. Lol. I'll repeat what I posted on her blog;

    It takes a man who truly loves and fears God to say NO to adultery. It also takes grace.

    Read similar article: SEX is a Form of Play (18+ post) :)

  7. Cheating should never be anyone's thing...we can always pray for the strength to say no to it

  8. NAIJASINGLEGIRl12 June 2015 at 05:43

    Women are also polygamous though. Wouldnt blame either sex


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