Friday, 5 June 2015

Strangers nawa

Hallos my dearest Pamscribers, how are y'all doing today? Una happy friday oo, hope your week served you better? May this weekend give us the best. Amen.

Ok, how many of you have been screamed at by a total stranger? Like you are asking a simple question or something minor happened and he or she just barked at you? Ohh, if you know the way I detest such a thing, and sorry to say, I may not be able to hold my cool when such a thing happens.

Let me just forget about what happened in the past and jump to today's incident. Due to the rain which resulted in me almost being late for work, no bus, no napep, it was so humiliating. Finally, a bus came through and while some passengers were alighting from it, I simply asked the man close to the door where the bus was going to, he just shouted at me that the bus wasn't going. Hia, I looked into the bus and noticed the empty sits and kindly asked again, he still barked the same response. It was really late and no bus was coming towards my route again, so I asked the driver and he politely answered that he was going towards my location, then I entered.

The "barker" who was sitting directly infront of me was still shouting and I quietly asked him why he's shouting at me just because of a simple question I asked him, I guess I just stepped on the tail of a cobra cos he was waiting for that, before I knew it he started, "why should you ask me, do you know me from anywhere, stupid girl, you don't have respect, foolish girl". Meanwhile the other passengers were scolding him as to why he should insult me and all, also at first I just wanted to ignore his sorry state and move on, but when the insults became too much, I sparked like high-tension wire. I shouted and threatened that if he doesn't respect his old age, I will lock him up in the nearest police station (as if I get power, Lolz). I told him that he dares not shout at him and should respect himself by not insulting me.

People started begging me that I should forgive him and also told him to keep quiet and that hasn't he noticed what I was putting on (I was wearing an army color long sleeve and a jean). but the man wouldn't bulge, so I picked up my phone and started dialing a number (barely a friend's number), guess he thought I was calling a uniformed person, so he shouted at the driver that he wants to get down from the bus, whether it was his bustop or not, that isn't my business, I just knew that I passed a message.

Something similar to this happened in an ATM one day like that. Went to withdraw with a friend and this guy out of nowhere wanted to use me to shine, that was my not-so-good-mood-day. After facing him and telling him his life history, while on our way home, my friend kept on staring at me and said I looked different when displaying that part of me, Lolz.

Some people can be so mean and broken, what I know is that I won't just sit back and watch a total stranger open his/her wide mouth at me. Anyway, it depends on my mood that day, I may just ignore you while you bark or I face you and ROAR. #tongueclicks.

So have you been in a similar situation like this before? Abeg let us know how you handled it. Let's gist.


  1. People have issues. He could be a transfer if aggression. Most times, I play dumb. Aint nobody got time for negativity.

  2. Lol what a frustrated man. Like Amaka said, it is purely transfer of aggression.
    Aunty Pam are you in the army?

    Molola's Blog

  3. Hahahahahahah, frustrated people everywhere. Lolz. Let army cash you for wearing their colour

  4. Hahahahahah. Pam u are soooo funny.


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