Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Tuesday Talk.

I was going through Facebook, and noticed that an ex had recently gotten married, so I remembered a conversation between me and a lady. 

She told me that that her ex got married earlier this year and she felt awful. Though they were broken up but she still loved and secretly hoped they will get back together, the more reason why her ex's marriage really broke her heart. 

She then came to the conclusion that one must feel pain and a pang of Jealousy wen an ex gets married, but if you don't feel that way, it means you never loved the person. 

So there I was staring at my ex's wedding pictures and trying to get the pang of Jealousy or pain but instead I only burst out in laughter. Biko, pamscribers, do tell me, does that mean I didn't love him? Lmfao.

Nah! To me, that only means I've moved on. So if you share the same feelings with the lady above, you really need to get over it and move on ASAP. Cos if he/she have found happiness somewhere else, why should you then deny yourself from happiness? Please and please, do get over it and be the strong person that you should be.

N/B- Bikonu, start sending your mails for our Tuesday Guest-Posts. Like I said before, even if you don't have any, someone close to you may need the advice and counsel. Help that person out.


  1. Jealousy carries weight so I don't have the strength for that. Jelousy kor jelousy noni..

  2. Jealousy carries weight so I don't have the strength for that. Jealousy kor jelousy noni..

  3. If you have really moved on then there is no need for jealousy as you said.

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  4. Well i kinda feel your friend am sure she can't go about telling everyone what she told you.. Some people are not strong hearted like others especially when she haven't found happiness as well..


  5. Well I wouldn't deny been jealous when my ex got married. it's just a normal feeling jawe, though that was back then. A friend of mine I introduced to a guy was doing Shakara for the guy, despite the guys plea, now the guy is getting married to a damsel my friend is jealous. I call That stupidity


  6. When you move on, you move on. There's no point going back to your vomit or being jealous. It was broken for a reason. You can't lose what you never had. Some people get jealous maybe cos nothing is happening in their lives.If he loves you the way you love him, then it will be you he'll be getting married to. So you're on point for not bothering yourself. It's not worth it. You've moved on.Forward ever, backward never.

  7. Jealousy is allowed..... Better one moves on once and forall. Some things are not worth it.


  8. when you are still feeling a pang of jealousy, you haven't moved on and that is not healthy at all. it holds you back and you may not even know when you let mr right go because you are still holding on to the past.


  9. The worst thing ever is hanging on to somebody that has moved on...your friend needs Nma's Blog 


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