Sunday, 8 November 2015

God in ALL.

I am here to tell you to just take a minute of your time and say "Baba God Thank you for everything". Things may seem rosy or not. Worries of life maybe draining you. You may or maynot be going through so many things right now. Despite it all, still whisper "Thank you Lord" cos in every situation we find ourselves, we should still give thanks.

Believe me, sometime this week I had to ask a question "how did Job do it?" Even after loosing everything, one thing he never lost was his FAITH in GOD.

Not everyone you see with a smiley face is really happy. Some have even lost their strength but the only thing that keeps them going is God and that smile.

The best thing is to surrender everything into God's hands, and allow HIM do HIS JOB. Cos at the appointed time, you MUST SHINE.

Peace be still in your life, home and in our nation.

 Have a glorious week. God Bless. I love you all.


  1. yes He is everything

  2. Wonderful quotes and feeling. Greetings!

  3. God is great!

  4. God is awesome and he never fails!
    I wish U a blessed week.
    Stay safe.

  5. Love u too Pam...Thanks for the messages. I love them all

  6. Thanks dear for sharing this wonderful messages!!!!

    Have a fruitful week


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